Women often feel insecure about their bodies during intimate moments. While flattering clothes can be used to hide one’s “problem spots” during the day, it is much more difficult in the bedroom. Women are looking for answers in Google, if it is possible to eliminate “FUPA” (FUPA meaning – Fatty Upper Pubic Area) without diet or exercises? Yes, it is possible.

There are two very effective and popular fat removal methods that can be used to get rid of “FUPA“, or the “Fatty Upper Pubic Area” – leaving you with a flat, tight, and sexy pubic mound.

What is “FUPA?”

FUPA stands for “Fatty Upper Pubic Area”. Unwanted fat can occur anywhere on the body. However, it is more frustrating to have unsightly pubis fat above the vaginal area. It is almost impossible to lose FUPA simply by exercising and dieting.

Because the location of pubic fat is so intimate, many women wish to get rid of FUPA, but are unsure how and afraid to ask.

What Causes Pubic Fat?

Lipo to Get Rid Of FUPA

Our DNA determines everything, from the color of our eyes to the thickness of our hair. Our genes determine where our fat cells are distributed in our bodies. They will remain there for the rest of our lives. Some women’s DNA causes fat to be stored in areas that are more responsive to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen. For other women, however, their DNA has placed more than a fair amount of fat cells on their pubis mound. This is one of the most stubborn areas in the body. For these reasons, CoolSculpting and Lipo may be the best options to eliminate FUPA.

How to Get Rid Of “FUPA” (Fatty Upper Pubic Area)

The most advanced aesthetic procedures are available, including the cutting-edge approach to helping women eliminate FUPA. Laser Assisted Lipo or CoolSculpting are two of the best ways to eliminate FUPA.

These procedures allow patients to eliminate FUPA through without any kind of diet and exercise. These FUPA removal techniques are much safer and better than traditional surgery and require no downtime.

CoolSculpting to Get Rid of “FUPA” (Pubic Fat)

CoolSculpting is an option for women who want to eliminate FUPA. CoolSculpting results can be seen as soon as three weeks after treatment. After two months, the peak of results is almost reached. The body will then continue to flush away the FUPA-destroyed fat cells in the treatment area for approximately four to six more months.

CoolSculpting to Get Rid of FUPA

Women who opt to have FUPA removed by CoolSculpting will also notice a tightening effect on the treated area. Women can now get rid of FUPA painlessly and enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results.

Lipo to Get Rid Of “FUPA” (Pubic Fat)

Laser assisted lipo is one of the most recent technologies. This laser-assisted fat removal procedure is fast and efficient. It uses heat from the laser to melt fat. This method is even better than the traditional liposuction.

Women can choose to have FUPA removed with Cynosure Laser SmartLipo or Precision Lipo. Each of these treatments has its own benefits and can be used to help women get rid of FUPA in a short time.

To ensure the best possible care, surgeons schedule a consultation, to understand the patients specifics and conditions better. Before recommending the right procedure for each patient, they carefully consider the individual circumstances.

Eliminate “FUPA” (Fatty Upper Pubic Area)

CoolSculpting or Lipo can help women get rid of FUPA and have a body they love. These procedures make it possible to have intimate moments without feeling embarrassed or insecure. Schedule a consultation with a professional surgeon today to learn more about these treatments.