How To Avoid Over-Indulging On New Years Eve

A great New Year’s Eve party includes delicious foods and tasty drinks. It’s kind of a last hurrah before you start your New Year’s resolutions. If you want to start the new year right, without feeling hungover and sluggish, you’re going to have to watch what you put into your body during the party. Set yourself up for success with a plan. Avoid a drinking bender recovery by focusing on other things besides tons of food and drink.

Preparing your Mind & Body for NYE

One of the best things you can do to avoid overindulging at your NYE party is to plan ahead. Make plans that don’t revolve around food or alcohol. Go somewhere that features dancing instead of hanging out at the buffet. Plan to attend a concert. If you’re more into a quiet evening at home with friends, find games that you can enjoy together instead of sitting around a table of food all night. Plan special foods that you can savor and enjoy without going overboard. Instead of grabbing cheap alcohol to have a drunken party, get a few specialty items that you might not buy for a normal night. A special bottle of champagne that you can share rather than the most inexpensive bottle. Start your exercise regimen before NYE so you’re into the habit. Purchase a digestive system cleanse just in case you do overindulge.

Tips on Staying Mindful Throughout the Evening

Start planning for the party before you ever arrive. Don’t try to go all day without eating, because when you get to the party, it’s a recipe for disaster. You will want to eat, so it will be easier to over-indulge. Before the party, have a healthy lunch and dinner. Limit carbs and sugars, because those foods cause your blood sugar to spike, which makes you crave more. Eat healthy proteins and fats that keep you full. When you get to the party, have a plan to navigate the delicious foods. You don’t want to get to the party hungry.  When you do enter the buffet, plan to have only one plate. Choose smaller portions of your favorite dishes. If you do want to munch, fill up a plate with crudites without the ranch dressing. Once you’ve ate one plate, don’t go back. It might be hard to stay away, but keep your goals in mind.

If you are drinking alcohol, have one drink, then drink at least one bottle of water before you have the second drink. If you want to have something in your hands that appears festive, drink soda or seltzer. No one needs to know you’re not actually drinking alcohol. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, too. The alcohol will quickly enter your system, lowering your inhibitions and making you forget your goals. Drink something that you can sip for a while, rather than a drink you’ll want to gulp down. For example, go with a glass of wine instead of jello shots.

Have a plan in case you do overindulge. Get your cleanse for bloating and gas now.