How To Get Your Arms Toned For Your Sleeveless Wedding Dress

Your wedding is coming, and you are so eager to put on your beautiful dress. Unfortunately, your arms look too thin. They can’t tell how gorgeous you are.

The question is: How to get your arms toned for your sleeveless wedding dress on the big day? Do not worry anymore because we can help you.

We will walk you through the best workouts for your arms, ensuring that you look your best at your wedding. Let’s read on to discover!

How To Get Your Arms Toned For Your Sleeveless Wedding Dress?

You have prepared everything for this important event, from wedding invitation suites to the wedding venue. Yet, do not ignore yourself because you are the main character in the event.

Here are the simplest and most effective exercises that help you become a beautiful bride. Please check them carefully and make your workout routine a habit.


Push-ups should be the first exercise to include in your workout routine. It’s simple to practice and has a direct impact on your arm muscles.

We will discuss the rotation version, which brings you better effects. Here is how to do push-ups correctly:

  • Choose a kneeling position that is comfortable for you.
  • Extend your arms to the floor, and your hands should be beneath your shoulders.
  • Inhale as you lower the upper part of your body to the floor and exhale as you push back up to a kneeling position.
  • If you can’t use enough force to push yourself at this stage, try to expand your legs.
  • Rest on the right hand while spinning your upper body wide to the left and stretching your left arm.
  • Hold on for a second before lowering the left hand.
  • Do a push-up on one side, then on the opposite side. Repeat for at least ten rounds (five per side).
How To Tone Your Arms For Your Wedding Day
Push-ups have a great impact on your arm muscles

Chest Pull

This exercise will undoubtedly make you sweat, but it’s one of the most powerful at-home arm exercises. The instructions are as follows:

  • Kneel in a comfortable position.
  • Grab the weights and lift your hands to shoulder height in front of you.
  • Form 90° angles with your arms and pull them backward and to the sides.
  • Repeat the back and forth motions 10 to 12 times.

Deltoid Press

Prepare to tense up your muscles with this workout. It would be best to practice with three-pound weights to produce the best effect for your arm, shoulder, and chest muscles.

After grabbing the weights, let’s follow this guide:

  • Prepare your hands in a goal post posture and face your palms out.
  • Extend your arms straight over your head.
  • Lower your arms to the beginning position with your hands in front of you.
  • Perform ten sets, then pulse your arms ten times while keeping them in the goal post position in the final round.
How to get a toned arms in 2 weeks
This exercise works nicely when practiced with weights


This workout can strengthen your arm and your back muscles. You also need weights to speed up your progress.

  • Place your hands in front of you and bend over at a 45° angle.
  • When your arms contact the side of your body, push your elbows back.
  • Then, extend your hands out in front for one rep to call it a cycle.
  • Repeat the steps ten times.

How To Look Good In Your Wedding Dress?

Aside from the workouts we have shared, some other tips make you look great. Let’s try them when taking photos for your 1920s themed wedding invitations and the day.

  • Buy a wedding dress that fits your body type nicely
  • Try to point your shoulders at the camera
  • Create a space between your arm and your waist so that your waist looks thinner
  • Stand beside or behind your groom
  • Hire a professional photographer


Many exercises can help you look beautiful in white. Try to push your arm muscles to work, and the result will be rewarding.

Are you ready to show your bare arms to your groom and the guests? Let’s work on your way for your big day!