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Summer holidays are great for most teenagers. They start off with all the excitement of leaving school life behind. However, after a while, they get tired and bored of doing nothing and start wishing they could be among their peers again. That boredom often feels like an eternity for them. In most cases, the results of that boredom they feel spill over on their parents.

What initially seemed like a great time to bond with your children can quickly become exhausting and stressful. However, a parent has the responsibility of changing things around.

With a well detailed and structured plan for your teenage children, you can pull them out of boredom, and make the holiday worthwhile. It can also be a great time for you and your children to bond and connect once more.

Teenagers have various ways of reacting to stress, and keeping them entertained is a very good way of relieving them of this stress. So if you are tired of always hearing the phrase “I’m bored” from your young ones, here are a couple of  things you can try out.

Team exercises

For this piece of fun, you will need more than your children alone. If you want them to have fun, you should invite all their friends over to your place, and give them fun activities to do. To build their minds and intellect, you can replicate what companies do when they have team building days. You select days of the week where they are given problems to solve.

This is one of the best ways to keep them entertained while training their minds at the same time. They can be given a series of problems they are to solve with a prize attached to finding a solution. Doing this frequently makes them learn how to approach issues distinctly and focus on teamwork as the solution to their challenges.

Take a Walk

This is the most basic exercise you can try to help entertain your young ones. The idea behind this is quite simple but with it, you will actually be achieving two things. You will be keeping them busy and you also creating time to speak with them. They would feel a lot better having you talk with them, as you share fun memories on the alley. There is no rule to when or how you should walk.

You should consider getting a timetable. It doesn’t matter whether they see it or not; what matters is that you stick to it. Select certain days to take a walk. To make it a little bit fun, you can take a route you usually don’t take. Explore the neighborhood if you have not explored it yet. You should also try some fun activities while you take a walk — for instance, a singing challenge, or something engaging.

Go hiking

This tip is for those who have unexplored natural sites around them. It is especially effective if you have not tried it before with your kids. Teenagers like adventure and this is an excellent way to create fun for them. The more places there are for you to go hiking, the better for you. Try creating a schedule for it. You can also switch the order of how you go hiking – you can go a short distance one day, and a longer one the next.

Apart from just having fun hiking, it can serve as an excellent way to stay fit. Training your children to keep up the practise since this kind of activity helps both you and them. You can go a step further by inviting their friends on hikes. It will create a perfect impression in their minds and will also make them look forward to the next hiking experience.


Research shows that swimming has calming effect on most people. You might want to try organizing a day or two where you can go to the pool. The trips do not have to be regular too It will keep them very calm and bring their minds to serenity, while they have fun. Adding water games can also extra fun.

You can be fortunate to have your home close to the beach. The beach experience is quite different from the pool. Here, there is room for everyone. At the beach, you can have all the teenagers organize a beach party. The goal is to keep them entertained while at the same time teaching them valuable lessons in responsibility, planning, teamwork and lots more. You’ll be impressed by how willing they are to engage in planning something fun.

Learn a new skill or build an existing one

Helping teenagers express their latent talents by learning new skills is a great way to keep them entertained. People love to be allowed to express what they love the most. Fulfillment and entertainment always flow naturally when you do what you love. So, you can get them to either learn a new skill or build on the ones they already have.

They can have dancing classes, coding classes, film making classes, to mention a few. There are numerous types of skills they can gain before school resumes again. The only perk here is to make sure it is something they actually love doing. If you are not too sure what they love doing, you can ask them. The goal is to entertain them while also helping them discover their talents, and supporting them to become professionals at the things they love.

Every adult was once a teenager and probably behaved in a similar way to how the current crop of teenagers do. And even though the times have changed,some old tricks work the same. The tips above are just simple ways you can spark up some excitement during the holidays and kill the boredom. You can make this a great opportunity to learn new things from the teenagers you have around. Keeping them entertained means you also get to relax, and everyone is happy.