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If you are one of those people that complain about a perennial problem called nervous sweating, then don’t worry you are not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of people who share the same problem all around the world. This amount of people affected by nervous sweating has grown to a larger extent in the recent years with the advent of the corporate culture growing up fast. Today we will be showing you how to stop sweating when nervous as it is a curable problem.

What is Nervous Sweating?

Nervous Sweating is generally caused by anxiety, for example when you are in a social gathering or in a public speaking session or when you are in conversation with your opposite sex or in a meeting with your higher officials. Nervous Sweating occurs in different forms for different people, some have excessive sweating in their foreheads, some in their palms and some in their armpits. Because of this excessive sweating, they fear that people will misunderstand them as looking uncomfortable and unstable and as a result emotionally affect them.

Nervous sweating in medical terms is known as Hyperhidrosis and can be categorized as either Primary Hyperhidrosis or Secondary Hyperhidrosis. Primary Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating without any known causes whereas secondary Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that is caused by some certain causes like in a social gathering or in a public speaking.

How To Reduce Nervous Sweating?

You cannot control your sweating, as sweating is caused when your body is over heated. But there are definitely ways to control yourself and your nerves so that the heat in the body is reduced which will obviously reduce the excessive sweating.

Let’s look into some of the ways and means to reduce or stop nervous sweating:

1. Regular Exercise and Jogging

Maintaining a regular exercise routine that includes jogging is one of the best ways to reduce your anxiety. Regular morning jogs help releases endorphins in your body, which takes care of cooling and calms your nerves and thus makes you less prone to nervous sweating. But jogging should be done only in the morning or evening and not before you are attending a meeting or any function which will make you nervous, as jogging also causes sweat. So it’s advised to jog and do exercise in the morning and make sure your body is cooled down and relaxed.

2. Maintain Your Weight

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If you maintain a regular body weight, you are less prone to sweating, as people with excessive body weight have a body temperature higher than people with a healthy weight, the reason being that overweight people have more excess fat and because of that excess fat content, their body temperature is also higher and thus they are more nervous.

3. Maintaining a Good Sleeping Routine

People who sleep less are also prone to excessive body temperature which in turn creates body heat and this produces excess sweat in nervous situations. So always maintain a regular sleeping routine of 6-7 hours a day for adults. A good sleep can play an important role in keeping your body relaxed and calm.

4. Breathing Techniques

Pretend that you are caught in a situation and you are sweating profusely because of nervousness and anxiety, what many doctors will you do is to leave the place and go to a quiet, lonely place, take a deep breath and sit in a chair in a relaxed position. Afterwards gently take a deep breath through your nose and try to hold on to it for 3-4 seconds. And then gently exhale or breathe out through your mouth slowly. Now repeat this for 8-10 times. This deep breathing technique instantly calms you down and reduces your body temperature and sweating.

5. Be Relaxed

In situations where you are nervous or in an anxious situation, people do a lot of things to hide their anxiety like putting their hands in their pant pockets or shaking their legs and so on. Because of this, the body generates more heat causing you to sweat even more. So when you are caught in a situation, always make sure to keep your hands free so that the sweat in your hands become dry in the air.

6. Wear Proper Clothes

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If you know beforehand that you are going to attend an event or meeting which will make you nervous, all you need to do is prepare yourself for the worst. You cannot reduce the sweat in your body but you can take only other measures to show that you are not nervous. One of the ways to avoid excess sweating is to wear clothing that is not too warm on your body, as warm clothes generate more heat. So dress yourself in clothing that gets more air to your body like shorts, dresses, sport shirts.

7. Treatment Through Therapies

There are various therapies available to treat a person with a nervous sweating disorder. These therapies mainly focuses on the client’s belief that they are the center of attraction and everyone is noticing them sweating. These therapies are designed to help you relax, adapt and loosen your muscles.

8. Natural Remedies

There are also a variety of natural remedies available that can help you get rid of sweating when nervous.


These methods outlined above will not bring a miracle change overnight, but regular usage or adherence to your methods can bring about a noticeable change in your behaviour. Nervous sweating is also not a problem that will suddenly disappear on its own and these methods will help you in containing or reducing the nervous factor.


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