Health Benefits of Dancing

If you are thinking about getting in shape, but the idea of slogging through a workout or joining a gym makes you think you just can’t do it, you may want to consider an alternative way to get some really great exercise. Dancing your way to fitness is an amazing way to get those hours of sweating in that are so important when you want to have that amazing body, not to mention the great health benefits. How to have fun while working out is something we all try to find the answer to, and dance fills this need in so many ways. It gives us the kinds of cardio we need for a healthy heart, and burns calories while we are getting down. Let’s go over all the facts about this fun subject while we try to explore how to workout using dance.

If you hear dance makes a great workout and think it is not a real way to get in shape, you would be totally wrong for a few important reasons. Dance is actually really great, and in many cases, it is actually a better workout than so many popular ways to exercise, but few people know why. Dance is a whole body workout routine. This is important because rather than a bunch of repetitive motions, you are moving in a much more natural and fluid way. You move in a way that is fun, energetic, and not just the same old slog through the motions. This freedom of movement is both physically better and easier. Dancing for twenty minutes is a fun way to pass time, jogging for twenty minutes can seem like torture.

Time flies while we are doing our dance workouts because we are so used to dancing for entertainment. We get such a good stretch from moving our limbs in ways that we would not normally get a chance to do, and this flexibility has many health benefits all by itself. Stretching your hamstrings will reduce your lower back pain for instance, and, less lower back pain means better sleep, better sleep means less cognitive decline, and so on. What you do with a dance workout will have cascading health benefits that are almost too many to mention, all this and it’s fun too, what’s not to like.

You can start a dance fitness routine right in the comfort of your own home and you don’t really need much at all to begin. Check and see if you have a space in your home that has some open area for you to move around in, that is the only thing that is essential if you are to have a dance at home routine. Now, see if you have somewhere you can plug in your computer so that you can watch dance exercise videos, these are important because you will be more likely to stick to a routine if you are going through a series of videos measuring your progress. All you need after that is a good pair of workout shoes and some loose fitting clothes. The only thing left to do is start getting your groove on.

Dancing for exercise is so fun and effective that it is a shame it doesn’t get a more serious look from people who are trying to begin an exercise routine. A full body workout that is fun and keeps you limber at the same time, and not only that, but it is so easy to begin and completely free, what a great deal. So, if you are thinking about getting in shape, and starting a healthy lifestyle, I hope you consider dancing for exercise, you won’t regret it!