How You Can Bulk Up Your Muscles While Working Out

Muscle building, also known as muscle hypertrophy, refers to a situation where an individual can cause an increase in the size of his or her skeletal muscles through intense training.

Building muscle is worthwhile for a variety of reasons, and it’s not just about looking good. There are physical and mental benefits of gaining muscle, such as:

  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Joint health and bone density
  • Boosts metabolism and improves heart health
  • Increases self-confidence and stamina
  • Blood sugar and body fat management

Lean muscles can be achieved through a combination of exercise, diet, and muscle-building supplements. Although men and women build strength differently, both can maximize their muscle-building regimens by following these tips.

Bulking Up Your Muscles While Working Out

If you want to bulk up your muscles, you have to make smart choices that include revamping your diet, workout routine, and your selection of supplements.

1. Eat Well, Eat Right

Muscle development always involves some form of weight gain. For this to happen, you need to eat many lean types of meat, fruit, and vegetables to provide the calories necessary for muscle growth. Eating the right kinds of food allows you to burn off the excess fat you consumed and fuel the muscle growth that’s yet to come.

  • The best way to start your muscle-building regimen is to have a good diet with a lot of lean proteins and carbohydrates. You can eat lean proteins like cheese, chicken breast, yogurt, and eggs, but try not to overeat them. Also, you want to add in complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole-grain bread and pasta, and low-fat milk products. As your body starts to adjust to a healthy diet, you can increase your protein intake by adding supplements from companies like Transparent Labs to your diet.
  • Another tip is to split your daily calories into six individual sets. Six smaller meals instead of three large meals allow you to have all the essential nutrients, but with less calories. Doing so will speed up metabolism for better results. Ensure that you give your body enough time to rest after completing your weight training sessions to prevent muscle damage.

One of the essential factors in muscle cell growth is proper nutrition. It’s best if you ate a high-quality diet every day to give you the appropriate amount of nutrients that you need to facilitate muscle cell growth. In addition to this, you should also make sure that you’re getting enough quality protein synthesis.

2. Take The Correct Supplements

How to bulk up your muscles

Muscle supplements have become more popular over the years due to their ability to provide users with incredible physical gains. Suppose you want to learn how to gain or build muscle mass fast. In that case, it’s crucial to understand what supplements are currently available on the market and which ones are the best for gaining muscle mass quickly, such as whey protein, creatine, ribose, and other substances that enhance your workout.

  • Endurance: There are pre-workout weight training supplements are designed to boost the stamina and energy levels of bodybuilders during workout. If you want to bulk up your muscles every time you exercise, you should keep pushing during workouts.
  • Growth: If you’re trying to gain weight or build more muscles, you may need more than just a good protein shake. When choosing protein powders, select one low in fat and calories yet contains the nutrients that your body needs to grow and repair your muscles after working out. Taking a high-quality protein powder may be a good idea to ensure that your body continues to have the fuel that it needs.
  • Recovery: Another category of muscle supplements includes protein and amino acid-based bodybuilding supplements. These supplements increase protein synthesis so that your body can produce excess amounts of amino acids for rapid muscle recovery. There are different types of protein and amino acids that bodybuilders use to supplement their diets. However, before using any of these muscle building supplements, you should do research on which ones are the best for you.
  • Strengthen: Finally, you want to include supplements containing fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids into your supplement regimen. Fish oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids. These acids can help you recover from intense workout sessions and maintain higher energy levels even when not working out. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids that fish oil contains can help repair damaged muscles.

3. Plan Your Workouts

Your workouts should be a combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength training to grow big and lean muscles. Find a good gym and plan your activities well to maximize every session.

  • Cardiovascular exercise is a crucial aspect of muscle building. The more you exercise, the more your heart rate increases. When this happens, your blood pumps more blood to your muscles and body, supporting muscle building more efficiently. If you want to speed up your muscle-building process, try to integrate different activities such as jogging, biking, swimming, or playing basketball or softball every other day.
  • To achieve hypertrophy, you have to train your muscles through all their ranges. For example, if you’re training your arms, you shouldn’t just focus on the shoulders. Instead, focus on the triceps, back, chest, and others. Your goal is to develop muscle endurance. To build endurance, you have to make sure that you’re consistently training through all intensity levels. It means that regardless of what exercise you’re doing, you should strive to work through it to its fullest because an hour-long workout doesn’t equate to hypertrophy.
  • Many exercises, like compound exercises, are great for bulking up. They target several body parts at once, which means you’re working out multiple muscle groups at once. Many people don’t realize this, but you’ll get plenty of benefits by performing these compound exercises. For example, you can do bicep curls while doing lunges.


One of the best benefits of muscle supplements is their contribution to bodybuilding and nutrition. These products not only promote muscle growth. These can also help prevent muscle loss and preserve your muscles. It’s essential for bodybuilders only to consume supplements that contain safe, high-quality ingredients. Again, muscle building supplements should be consumed alongside an intense endurance-training program to maximize the effects.