Coffee effects on your teeth

You might already know that drinking coffee on a daily basis can do some damage to your teeth. The question is, do you know to the extent it can be damaging or why? Turns out it might not be as bad as we thought! Here are some solutions to your daily coffee drinking concerns.

Coffee Really Isn’t as Bad as You Think

We have all been worried about how dark and acidic coffee is and how much it can yellow our teeth. In reality, coffee itself is not nearly as damaging to your teeth as things like sodas or energy drinks. Coffee is actually only mildly acidic when compared to those beverages and doesn’t contain the sugar that they do.

But who drinks their coffee black? The real danger in coffee lies in the things you add to it. The more creamer and sweetener you add to your coffee, the worse it is for your teeth. The sugar concentration is what can really hurt your teeth.

Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Even if you do want to enjoy your beverage with more creamer than there is coffee, there are solutions. The biggest thing you can do is drink with a straw. Obviously, we have learned that single use plastic straws are extremely harmful to the environment. So if you are getting an iced coffee drink to go, you will want to bring along a reusable straw along with you.

Another tip is to drink your coffee all in one go. If you drink it slowly over an extended period of time, the bacteria that causes your teeth and enamel to decay will have a greater chance to grow. Also, you should try chewing gum that is sugarless and has been approved by the ADA can help. This helps create more saliva which helps protect your teeth from this bacteria.

You also have options as far as treating pre-existing damage. There are many at home treatments that build back enamel and help brighten and whiten your teeth. You can also seek out a cosmetic dentist to help bring back your old smile! If you regularly go to a standard dentist they can also help prevent teeth damage.

Coffee Alternatives

If the idea of drinking coffee every morning still stresses you, there are other beverages you can try instead. Mushroom coffee is currently a popular option. It also has half as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee which can help you sleep better at night.

Some people will opt for a nice tea instead. Black tea has a good amount of caffeine in it but can also be damaging to your teeth. Good options would be a rooibos tea or matcha, both of which are often served at your local coffee shop!

Whichever morning beverage you choose, there are many ways you can make sure your teeth don’t suffer. Plus, as they say, everything in moderation!