5 Must-Have Couples Outfits and When To Wear Them

Whether you’re going to a big party together or just enjoying a night in, there’s something about matching your bae that just feels right. While you don’t have to be too matchy-matchy to make this happen, a little intentionality in coordinating with your sweetheart goes a long way in making memories and connecting together. Check out the following essential couples outfits.

Couples Underwear

Before you totally dismiss this idea, hear it out. Matching underwear might sound like a case of family Christmas jammies gone wrong, but it’s actually a perfect way to connect with your partner. Picture this: you’re both getting ready for another hum-drum work week, when you put on your set of coordinating underwear and throw a playful glance at your significant other — naturally, she smirks and dons her own pair. Suddenly, a drag of a Monday becomes full of motivation and flirty texts with your honey until you can both get home to enjoy one another’s company all evening. Couples underwear is subtle, just a little frisky, and gives you one more excuse to delight in your partner a little more often.

Coordinating Formal Wear

Fancy dinners, nights on the town, or friends’ weddings: you and your lovely sweetheart need something to wear together. No need to overdo it here; even one great coordinating outfit will be sufficient. Matching dress shirts, a coordinating tie that pairs with her dress, or even two totally different outfits that complement one another perfectly are a total must-have for any couples’ wardrobe. The outfits don’t even have to be an exact match, but when you show up at an event looking put-together and tastefully coordinated, you’re sure to make a stellar impression.

Matching Sports Gear

If you or your sweetheart (or both) are sports fans, obviously you two need a pair of jerseys, team shirts, hats, or whatever. When you’re tailgating at the game, watching Sunday night football, or cheering in the stands at the playoffs, you and your partner will look perfect sporting (pun intended) the same garb. Even running errands on game day in matching gear is sure to score some oohs and aahs.

Couples Costumes

Couples Costumes for Costume parties

Costume parties are the perfect setting for coordinating with your honey. This is a very do-able one, because you and your partner don’t have to be wearing the exact same thing to still pair nicely. At the same time, you’ll definitely be the talk of the party when you pull off a clever couple’s costume. There are thousands of possibilities: you could opt for a celebrity couple (Brangelina, anyone?), a TV show pair (like Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knopp from “Parks and Recreation”, or Jim and Pam from “The Office”), or even a dorky pairing like salt and pepper or PB&J. Your costumes might be corny as heck or classy as can be, but in any case, you’ll feel totally connected with your mate and make some hilarious memories together.

Corresponding PJs

When Netflix and chill is actually seriously about the “chill” part, you’ll need the right pajamas to go with it. Lounging around on a Saturday morning or going for a late-night fast food run is infinitely more fun when you’re wearing matching jammies. Some couples pajamas go for the perfected mismatched route (think that PB&J logic from earlier) or they go full twin-style matching. Keep it classy with matched PJ bottoms, or go big with duplicate onesies.

Matching your partner might seem a little silly at first, but a few key couples outfits might be just enough to keep playfulness alive in your relationship. Whether you want to feel a little more classy, goofy, or flirty together, there’s a matching outfit with your name on it.