NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Reviews - What is it

WARNING: DO NOT BUY NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Until You Read This Review!

Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

The ACT Commercial 10 is an elliptical with center drive by NordicTrack. The machines from this line are not really commercial – despite their “club feel” they are meant for home use. The NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Commercial 10 is the leading model in its series. It is said to have high quality components, an adjustable stride, a smooth drive, and a 10″-wide touchscreen that allows you to have access to iFit Coach workout programs and surf the web. The device is on sale for $1,499 and comes with a five-year warranty for its parts. According to the manufacturer, the machine can be used for training by almost anyone, since it has a wide range of resistance and adjustable stride. Stride settings are 18″, 20″ and 22″ for you to choose from and exercise with other settings too. Resistance comes from a 25-pound flywheel and 24 settings, so you can train your muscles differently. Is the A.C.T. Commercial 10 elliptical a good value for your money? Let’s answer this question a little bit later in this review.

Nordictrack act elliptical reviews

There is extensive workout guidance on NordicTrack ACT Elliptical. The Commercial 10 offers 35 built-in programs. It can run iFit Coach with WiFi access. You can see the programming on the 10″-wide touchscreen. According to the company, you can subscribe to the iFit Coach app access a lot of elliptical workout programs and exercise videos (classes in kickboxing and yoga). However, there are certain doubts whether it can replace a personal trainer or gym in general. Watching iFit Coach elliptical workouts you are promised to be able to move with synchronized scenic views and exercise together with a personal trainer on the screen. It may not be that easy, though, especially if you are not a professional in the field or haven’t exercised before. Fortunately, there are different choices by intensity level. You will be able to get a number of fitness recommendations. Other specs for the device include a cup holder, a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, a workout fan, and a sound system with 2″ speakers for your MP3 player.

Customer Reviews – Does NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Really Work?

The rating of the product online is 91.4/100. While it has the size convenient for home use, the customers report that this center drive elliptical is very sturdy like those in a health club. At the same time, not all people find it smooth or comfortable. What people like about the device is that it features a quiet magnetic resistance system with 25-pound flywheel; an adjustable stride; a 10″ touch screen for showing workouts, iFit workouts and the web. It should be remembered that the workout videos have to be preloaded. Despite those positive characteristics this NordicTrack ACT Elliptical comes at a quite high cost; $1,499. Not all potential buyers can afford it. The full price of the product is too high for an elliptical with 25-pound drive. The machine has no incline, which is a big drawback for many users. NordicTrack is associated with a number of negative customer reviews. The clients of the company are not satisfied with the customer service.

One buyer reports that he bought NordicTrack ACT Elliptical three weeks ago and it is already making a terrible clunking noise. It is very hard to roll the pedals. Overall, the man says that the equipment costs too much money for such poor quality. But what is even worse is that it is impossible to get his refund. Another customer reports that after three-year light use, his elliptical machine’s resistance motor is down! It was very difficult to identify what was wrong. The company’s customer service is also very poor and not helpful at all. The man contacted them several times and every time was told to check whether there was noise in the motor. But they didn’t help a bit. The third customer writes that he bought this item from the manufacturer. He received it a few days ago and has been using it ever since. According to his words, there is nothing special about NordicTrack equipment. It is a waste of money. The man paid for one-year subscription and regrets spending his money. He wishes the device was compatible with other websites to download their workout programs and use richer capabilities. By the way, the machine thinks that you are exercising if you are just standing on the pedals while browsing workout programs. It often uploads that you have completed workout. You can delete the workout from the machine’s computer. Due to the highly-set dashboard on the machine, this customer’s wife (5 foot 4 inches tall) has trouble seeing the screen. The screen seems to be too small, too, especially when you need to see maps. You may face problems if you have high speed internet, since it takes some time for the screen to refresh. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers’ reviews left online.

“I purchased my first Elliptical machine in 8/2010. I had used it for many years and was satisfied with its quality and ease of maintenance. When I needed another machine I stopped my choice on NordicTrack ACT Elliptical. After very light use over two years, it works really bad and needs a new eddy mechanism and resistance motor. These parts and labor will cost me more than I paid for the device originally. I am extremely disappointed and I would never recommend this machine to anyone. If you do purchase a similar machine, it may be wise to buy the long term maintenance coverage”

“I bought Nordic Track ACT Elliptical less than a year ago and I have faced some issues already. It needs servicing. My machine has been inoperable for more two months! I bought the extended warranty and have had three repairmen who have ordered more than $1300.00 in parts. However, my machine sounds too loud. I am waiting on another part, but it is back-ordered. I called their customer service and I was told that there is nothing they can do. This is the worst experience of buying anything online in my life! I regret wasting money on Nordic Track”

“I bought NordicTrack act Elliptical last August and paid additional money for delivery and set up. Its pedals angle to the left and it feels like you are in a right turn, the frame is bent, some screws sheared of by installers, and the machine makes thumping noise. I need to call for a repair tech from another state. Besides, he offers to come on weekends only. I can’t use the machine for seven months already. Buyers beware”

NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Pricing and Rates

Nordictrack act commercial, Nordictrack act elliptical review

As it was already mentioned, the machine is sale priced at $1,499. The NordicTrack ACT Commercial 10 elliptical warranty includes two-year warranty for the labor, five-year warranty for the parts and lifetime warranty for the frame. It is a rather generous warranty. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee; however, some users report having problems with getting their money back.

My Final Summary

NordicTrack ACT Elliptical is associated with a great number of disadvantages. First, it does not support incline training. You won’t be able to simulate uphill training despite the ability to vary your stride length and diversify exercise. Another drawback of the machine is its simple handlebar design, which means that the moving arm bars allow one grip position only. If you want to change your workout position, you should opt for an elliptical with multi-grip handlebars. NordicTrack ACT Elliptical would be a satisfying choice for home elliptical shoppers who don’t train too often, since the device seems to have low quality. In fact, the product has a number of better alternatives available on the market. Currently I cannot recommend NordicTrack ACT Elliptical.