A luxury fragrance is a dream to many because of its high price. A premium perfume in your closet is a luxury that only 1% can afford. Dossier, a brand on the rise in the perfume industry, wants to alter this situation. The company is committed to making premium, high-quality fragrances affordable for everyone.

Dossier offers fragrances that are 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and inspired by the luxury brands of perfumes at an affordable price.

New York’s perfume company sells premium scents for 70-90 percent less than the price of luxury perfume. Their perfumes are inspired by top brands and provide a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative. This company offers a wide range of scents from Grasse, the capital of perfume.

Dossier’s fragrance collection is divided into 15 olfactory families. These are the basis for every composition. Woody Hyacinth, inspired by chanel chance perfume is categorized as a fragrance. Other categories include Aquatic, Aromatic Citrus, Floral Fougere Gourmand Fruity Musky Powdery Spicy Woody and Woody.

Dossier has a large customer base, as well as recognition in top fashion magazines like Teen Vogue Fashionista BuzzFeed ET and Insider. Dossier’s founder, when talking about their mission, says: “We believe that everyone should smell luxurious. Our goal is to bring ‘Fragrance for All’, eliminate celebrity marketing, retailer markups and licensing fees, to offer luxury fragrances for 70%-90% less. The fairness of our pricing is evident in the prices we charge for perfumes. “For example, the price of a high-end perfume can range from $100 to $350. However, Dossier’s perfume is only $19 and therefore, it is very affordable.”

The ingredients used in Dossier are of the highest quality and come from Grasse. The perfumes are free of UV filters and colorants, vegan and contain no parabens, phthalates or other harmful chemicals. This company is committed to transparency, providing information on its products, pricing, and operations. The perfumes are high-concentration compared to other top brands. This ensures a lasting effect. Dossier offers fragrances which reflect the customer’s reflection. They guarantee a product that is clean for both their clients and planet. Its perfumes are manufactured in accordance with cosmetic safety standards from the U.S.A. and E.U. Customers can indulge in fragrances that are 100 percent safe.

Each Dossier fragrance comes with eco-friendly packaging. It uses recyclable and sustainable materials to reduce packaging costs while also being safe for the environment. These fragrances are packaged in recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes, and glass bottles. It also offers a sustainable return policy, and it donates the returned product to Give Back Box. This non-profit shares Dossier fragrances across 60 different charities in the U.S.

Dossier’s mission is “to make premium fragrances available to all by eliminating markups, and providing a new way of sourcing these fragrances.” All perfume lovers can expect to receive high-end, clean perfumes that are ethically produced and last a long time. The company wants to revolutionize trends in the fragrance industry and eliminate the notion that perfumes are an investment.