Tea Tree Oil Skin Protection for the Eye

Ocular hygiene is a critical treatment and prevention step forward when recovering from an eye area skin problem and trying to stop it from reoccurring. While a number of conditions are directly in the eye, there are plenty that occur around the eye that create enough irritation to obscure vision over time. Whether it’s allergies, dryness, skin swelling, itching, and irritation, or scratches from dry eye syndrome rubbing, the eyelid skin can end up doing a lot of damage. And that in turn can create additional inflammation problems as well. One of the key things that causes this problem is bacteria, grit, and microscopic level infection from the same. Cleaning that out on a regular basis not only breaks the contamination cycle, it also allows the body to relax, reducing swelling and related pain.

Providing a Little Bit of Help and Balance Again

Dry eye conditions as well as those contributing to loss of moisture to the skin around the eye are conditions most people start to suffer from by the time they have reached age 50. The loss of moisture retention, which is natural with age, also dries out the skin, making it vulnerable to other issues as well as external irritants. This comes from age degeneration, breaking down of the skin’s protective elements, and failure of proper systems in the eye like the eye tear duct drainage system, for example. When too many functional errors begin to occur, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and similar. The body responds with swelling, inflammation, and flooding the area with white blood cells. That creates reactions that the eye system can’t get rid of properly. However, tea tree oil products have proven to be particularly effective at helping reverse this problem with regular use and topical application around the eye.

Nature’s Own Defense Products at Work

Tea tree oil includes a combination of components that are natural but also toxic to bacteria. This combination helps reduce the propagation of bacteria as well as the side effects they cause. Unfortunately, tea tree oil by itself is not fully effective. Of the 15 or so components within the oil, it is 4-Terpineol that is truly the key ingredient with the powerful effect. When this component is extracted, however, and provided in concentrated form, it becomes extremely powerful as an eye skin cleanser treatment.

A Real Solution is Accessible

One of the most active products on the market right now functions as a tea tree oil extract treatment is Cliradex eyelid cleansers. Designed in a user-friendly format of either wipes or a foam application, Cliradex provides a direct, concentrated form of 4-Terpineol that can be applied with accuracy to the exact areas suffering from inflammation and microscopic infection. That can effectively get rid of problems caused by overgrowth of bacteria, grit, contamination, demodex mites, and more.

A Growing Amount of Support

The effectiveness of tea tree oil products has been generating a tremendous amount of support in the ophthalmology community. This support is coming from eye doctors to specifically see hundreds of cases of styes, skin inflammation, dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, and similar. Many of them in practice and in case application, patient after patient, have found that tea tree oil products and specifically those with concentrated 4-Terpineol have been extremely effective with positive results. More impressive, there are few or no side effects as the product is natural, safe, and provides a healthy solution to a common set of problems.

Realizing Recovery in an Effective Manner

With the clear benefits provided by Cliradex wipes and foam treatment applications, ocular health patients can begin to realize real gains again eye inflammation, discomfort, and related symptoms. Whether it’s Blepharitis or demodex mites, Cliradex provides a solid established line of defense. While it’s not a permanent solution with a one-time application, Cliradex eyelid cleansers with a regular application provides patients a solid elimination of the very agents that can continue to drive damage and discomfort otherwise. It also gives the body a chance to heal faster and develop its own defenses to the problem at hand. Instead of having to constantly rely on natural eye drops, ice packs, cucumber slices and similar, real relief is doable with 4-Terpineol concentrated in an easy-to-apply delivery format with Cliradex products.