Advantages of PROKERA for Patients

Ocular surface optimization has become a hotter topic these days, as Prokera cryopreserved amniotic membrane is also being discussed on a more frequent basis. While there are many who may find these concepts to be confusing, the advantages of PROKERA for patients cannot be ignored. There are simply too many benefits for patients of all backgrounds. Any patient who is currently planning for cataract surgery would do well to check out this handy guide.

By setting up an appointment for pre-cataract optimization before these surgeries, a patient guarantees themselves better results and visual outcomes after the procedure is over. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most crucial background information about the procedure and get into a few of the awesome advantages….


Many potential patients who are reading this might be wondering why they would even need such a procedure. Why would ocular surface optimization even be necessary? Isn’t it just better to get cataract surgery? However, a damaged ocular surface is far more difficult for a surgeon to handle. Studies show that surgical difficulties significantly increase when the patient is unwilling to allow for pre-cataract optimization. Asking a doctor about these procedures is one of the easiest decisions that a patient can make in these scenarios.

The same studies also showed that ocular parameters tended to be worsened by cataract surgery, making proper preparation techniques even more important. Patients who are suffering from dry eye disease also experience undesirable outcomes, as their conditions worsened. Meibomian gland dysfunction is another common condition that will require attention before surgery can be scheduled. These are the types of conditions that ocular surface optimization seeks to address.

Why Is Ocular Surface Optimization So Crucial?

Dr. Preeya Gupta discussed this matter in a more in-depth manner, giving patients more of an insight into the how to’s and why’s behind these surgeries. For example, ocular surface diseases are an all too common problem that goes ignored because the patient and doctor have not decided on a pre-cataract optimization treatment. These diseases can wreak all kinds of havoc on the eyes if they are left unchecked.

Measurements can be altered and the patient may experience significant refractive impact. Dr. Gupta recommends a thorough examination before proceeding, so that the patient can learn more about why ocular surface optimization is important to them. Cryopreserved amniotic membrane (PROKERA) is an evidence-based medicine and that’s why the shift has been so immediate. Dehydrated tissue-based treatments are not going to have the same effect.

Avoiding Dissatisfaction

Now that the two main questions that most patients worry about have already been answered, it is time to start discussing the benefits of the procedure. While cataract surgery is typically a procedure that is attached to positive outcomes, many patients end up unsatisfied with the post-operative result. When these sub-optimal outcomes take place, they tend to take place because there are issues on the ocular surface that have yet to be handled properly. Surgeons are able to suggest preoperative evaluations and prescribe treatments based on their awareness of these issues.

Patients who wish to optimize the ocular surface and ensure the health of the cornea and retina would do well to consider all of the benefits of ocular surface optimization. Otherwise, a patient who is undergoing cataract surgery could place themselves at risk, albeit unknowingly. Even a patient that is thought to be free of ocular disease before surgery could have their symptoms exacerbated. Asking a doctor about a pre-cataract optimization procedure like Prokera cryopreserved amniotic membrane is crucial to avoid such outcomes.

The Prevalence of Ocular System Dysfunction

Patients who are hesitant about the procedure should bear this in mind. Objective ocular surface dysfunction findings are very common, regardless of whether the patient is aware of them or not. Many of the patients who are presenting for these surgeries will have various forms of ocular dysfunction, which is something that an experienced doctor will emphasize. Clinicians of all backgrounds are well aware of this prevalence, which is why they will tell any prospective surgical candidates to strongly consider PROKERA for Patients.

Steering Clear of High Costs

Many patients who decide to opt away from a pre-cataract optimization procedure are placing themselves at increased risk of high costs. Patients who do not allow for ocular surface optimization before a surgery are taking on a massive opportunity cost, whether they realize it or not. Each additional doctor’s office visit after the surgery is going to have a heavy cost attached to it, a cost that could have been avoided entirely if the patient had simply taken the advice that was offered to them by an experienced medical professional.

Thanks to PROKERA, patients are treated at their first point of service and the healing process is made easy. The best part of all? The patient is able to enjoy an elevated peace of mind, as they know that their procedure has been handled in the best way possible. There are too many cataract patients who opt into the typical procedure, without giving the surgeons and doctors a chance to learn more about the true condition of the eye. Ocular surface optimization takes this issue and turns it into a thing of the past.

The process is quick and easy, as many patients will report having it done on the same day, without having to schedule a follow-up appointment. The top doctors will set a patient’s expectations accordingly as well. They are not here to sell patients a dream or present them with something that does not achieve the chosen objectives. Pre-cataract optimization leads to far better results and visual outcomes for patients after they have had cataract surgery.

Ask a doctor about all of the benefits of pre-cataract optimization once this type of surgery has been deemed necessary. While a patient may believe that they are free of issues, there is no reason to take any risks. Prokera cryopreserved amniotic membrane keeps a patient’s potential problems from going without a proper diagnosis, allowing them to prevent any number of post-surgical issues.