When paired with a healthy diet and exercise teas are known to help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss; this method can help you lose that tiny bit of weight you may need for a special event or a particular outfit. There are a number of teas worth noting and each tea comes from the same leaves called Camellia Sinensis however it’s the differences in how they are processed that differentiates them by colour, taste and health benefits.

Tea is the most popular beverage to drink after water, due to its versatility with flavours and that it can be served hot or cold it is a great option for many; along with the benefits of being low calorie. The caffeine content can help you become more active and therefore burn more calories however the largest hindrance when trying to lose weight by drinking tea is adding too much sugar and therefore no nutrition just extra calories.

Green or matcha teas are one of the most popular teas to drink for weight loss and health benefits, however, there is a wrong way to make it. The recommended method is to boil the water and let it rest for approximately ten minutes before pouring over the tea leaves and brewing for one minute, this is because when boiling water comes into contact with the tea it kills all the important nutrients in the tea. It is recommended to drink just two-three cups of green tea a day; the caffeine content and ability to boost metabolism will aid in burning approximately 100 extra calories over a 24h period.

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Detox tea is designed to be consumed morning and night to receive different benefits from the different blends. The morning tea is designed to energise and refresh you helping you start the day off strong, as opposed to the calming and relaxing effects of the evening detox tea. This tea can be easily brewed by leaving the teabag in boiling water for five minutes, not to mention the easy personalisation you can make to your tea just be careful to stay away from high sugar. Having just two cups of this tea a day may help to cleanse your body from impurities, encourage slimming and even regulate your sleeping pattern.

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Oolong tea is different from green tea due to the processing, the oolong leaves are plucked and allowed to oxidise in specific conditions. This tea helps to increase energy expenditure and also to hinder the absorption of nutrients such as fat and carbohydrates. It is not just the caffeine content in the tea that increases energy expenditure and the tea has been proven to have polymerized polyphenols which tell your body to burn fat for energy. Alongside regular diet and exercise this tea will help increase energy expenditure by approximately 120 minutes. This tea is ideal for drinking in the afternoon when you want to stave off the inevitable sweet cravings.

Lemon and ginger tea is seen by some as a perfect weight loss combo as it helps activate thermogenesis in order to help the body start burning fat; along with ginger root. The diuretic properties of lemon help detoxify the body and promote fat burning. This is ideal as a calming late afternoon drink to go alongside a good diet and exercise.

Skinny tea aims to help boost metabolism whilst also suppressing appetite in order to help burn extra calories and therefore lose weight. Made from chemical free and plant based ingredients this tea is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in order to cleanse the body from toxins and waste products. Also in a morning and evening tea combo to help perk you up in the morning and calm you down in the evening. Recommended to be brewed in boiling water for no longer than five minutes so that you can experience the best taste.

Take that step towards the healthier you by choosing your ideal tea, usually detox teas have been specifically formulated to combine many of the best parts from each tea mentioned here so you may get a nifty combination!

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