First Aid at Workplace

No matter how careful people are, there will always be unfortunate times in the workplace. Examples of hazards threatening employees day by day are falls, machinery-related accidents, repetitive strain injury, fatigue, explosions and fires, electrical hazards, exposure to dangerous chemicals, falling objects, and workplace violence.

The above risks make us realise how unsafe the workplace can be. With this in mind, workplace safety and employee safety should be a priority for employers. Since some workplaces and occupations are more hazardous than others, considering the nature of the work, employers need to put in place safety measures.

Effective health and safety in the workplace is a necessity if you want your company to succeed and grow. If health and safety is not a fundamental factor in the working environment it could result in serious accidents for employees and customers which will result in huge costs for yourself as an employer.

By law first aid at work should be part of every business no matter what it is. The law requires that every business has at least one appointed first aider who takes responsibility for dialing 999 in an emergency and ensures the first aid box is always stocked up. This sometimes is not enough as the training provided will not have given the learner the correct knowledge on how to deal with an emergency whether that be major or life threatening, its no good having a first aid box that is stocked up without having the knowledge on how to use the tools in there.

Some businesses may require a first aider to have a certified course, which can be provided by professional first aid training courses providers in Malaysia. Not all businesses will say this is mandatory but it is certainly something that all businesses should consider investing their employees in.

Here is Why

An ambulance can take on average 8 minutes to arrive, not every casualty will necessary have that time, your first aider may be the only person that can save them.

A blocked air way can cause a person to become unconscious or die within 3-4 minutes, a first aider who has a certified first aid course will know how to unblock a casualties air way and they will know that this is first protocol and crucial to saving their life.

Did you know that on average 7000 people in the Malaysia are injured every year in the workplace. Not all may be life threatening but most are minor and major injuries that could have been prevented if employees had the correct first aid training. The more people you invest first aid training in the less likely any incidents will occur saving you time and money as your first aider will be able to deal with the emergency there and then without having to call 999.

Make your working environment a safe place for you and your employees through effective and high quality first aid training Malaysia, you never know when it will be needed!

Workplace First Aid Kits

Workplace First Aid Kits

Determining the contents of a first aid kit for your work place requires you first to understand the accident and like injuries that could present. For instance is your workplace undertakes cutting or slicing activities then it would be prudent to prepare a first aid kit that will equip you to deal with lacerations and cuts.

Additionally if your work site is large and or has diverse work locations or tasks it may be prudent to have specific contents in each of the first aid kits to suit that particular location.

The other useful item to have in conjunction with a first aid kit is an incident and injury log sheet. This will help your organisation gather information about workplace health and safety in its workplace and assist in the preparation of plans and actions to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.


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