Things You Need to Remember to Do After Your Wedding

Congratulations! You just got married! Now what? There are a lot of things to remember after your wedding, and you don’t want to forget anything. So here are 10 things that you need to remember to do after your wedding. From changing your name to updating your social media profiles, here’s a whistle-stop tour of everything you need to bear in mind.

There is often so much focus on making lots of wedding preparations, that the things you need to do after you get married can often be forgotten. And although there isn’t a particular deadline to stick to after you get married in the same way there is with an impending wedding day, it still pays to get ahead of the things you need to do once you are married. This will help you get stuck into married life in the most positive way!

Here are 10 things you need to remember to do after your wedding to get you started.

1. Write Thank You Notes

Don’t forget to thank all the people who helped make your wedding special, from the bridal party and close family members to everyone who sent you gifts. If you need a little inspiration, research some wedding thank you card wording. And having cards or postcards printed with your favorite photo of your special day can make your thank you notes extra special.

2. Change Your Name (If You’re Changing It)

Changing your name can be a lengthy process, so it’s best to start it soon after you get married. This can involve gathering documents, such as a marriage certificate, and heading to the DMV, Post Office, Social Security office and more to get everything changed over. If you’re not changing your name, then you might want to consider a married name-change on social media.

3. Order Prints of Your Wedding Photos

Most couples opt to wait until they receive their full set of wedding photos before deciding which ones to print and put in an album. But if you have the time and budget, why not order some professional prints or canvases of your favorite photos too, as a lovely way to show off your wedding memories?

4. Return Rented Items

It’s easy to forget about all the items you rented for your wedding, such as vases and linens. So make sure you return these items in the same condition that you received them — and don’t forget to get a receipt for your return! You may get your deposit money back too, which might be much needed after the expense of getting married.

5. Look At Your Wedding Gift Registry

If you set up a wedding gift registry, now is the time to send out thank you notes for gifts received and use any remaining funds on your registry. If anyone gave you cash as a gift, start thinking about how you will spend it. Make sure you choose something that will remind you of your marriage and your wedding day.

6. Update Your Social Media Profiles

If you changed your name, don’t forget to update your social media profiles. You’ll also want to share some of your wedding photos and thank everyone who sent you well wishes if you’re active on social media! Some people decide to use social media just for professional purposes, in which case you may decide to keep your name and not post personal pictures. It’s totally up to you!

7. Set Up a Date Night

It’s important to remember that it’s not all about the wedding — marriage is an ongoing journey too! Schedule regular date nights and make an effort to do something romantic together, whether that’s a night away or having dinner at your favorite restaurant.

8. Review Your Insurance

Once you’re married, make sure you review your insurance policies together — including health, life and auto — to ensure that you are both adequately covered. You may also find there are some better deals to be found as a married couple, so ensure all your providers look into any new benefits you may receive now you are married.

9. Set Up a Joint Bank Account

If you haven’t already done so, consider setting up a joint bank account. This will make it easier to split bills, manage your finances and budget for anything you both want to save up for. It’s not a necessity and many people still keep their own personal bank accounts too. But splitting all your joint costs can be a lot more efficient if you both pay into a joint account on a monthly basis.

10. Start Planning for the Future

Now you’re married, it can be a good time to start planning for your future. Make plans together that make sense to you. This could relate to children or travel adventures you want to have together. It could be the kind of home you strive to own, or the things you want to achieve together in your lives. The picture of the future looks a little different for everyone, but now is the time to start getting that picture clear in your minds. Once you have a plan, start working towards it and enjoy the journey!

Good luck on this exciting new chapter of your lives! Your to-do list after your wedding may seem a little less exciting than the one you had before you got married. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Enjoy spending time together, remembering the happy day and planning for your future. And don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the fun of being married and the new feeling that gives you.