Tips for Building Confidence and Good Looking Body

Here is a fact: Women want a confident man.

No matter what job you have or what car you drive, you have to be confident to be desirable by women.

Unfortunately most guys don’t know how to learn and project confidence and when it comes to women they are insecure and afraid of rejection.

Hell, most even don’t know you can gain or learn confidence, to them it’s like a genetic information you either have or don’t have.

I believe that the best thing to gain more confidence and learn about it more is to get your physique handled first.

Which of those do you think will have more confidence? The skinny guy on the left or Chris Hemsworth on the right?

Good looking body is physically attractive to women, it associates you with sex in their mind and combined with good posture and body language projects confidence.

If you are not an athlete then you go to the gym to look good, that’s the goal of the vast majority of the guys in the gym and my guess is that it’s yours as well.

In that case drop all that “functional” and performance training you read in Men’s Health and start training to look good and feel good. Have a purpose of going to the gym to feel better about yourself, be confident, build a great body and improve your social life and dating life.

This will make a huge difference. Despite the fact that guys want to look better, they try to hide it; they get sidetracked with “functional training” or powerlifting.

Or they just don’t commit to anything and go to the gym to sort of work out and hang around weights.

This leads us to something very important. The single one most important thing you can do to look good is to build muscle and that doesn’t mean buying all sorts of supplements on the market but rather getting your workout handled.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your training to gain confidence and build a really good looking body.

1. Invest in a Well-Built Workout Program

Let me clarify something, if you don’t have the RIGHT workout system, you are not going to gain confidence or build a good looking body.

In terms of building muscle, workout is everything, you don’t build muscles from some high protein diet or by eating some special foods and you don’t build muscles from some fancy supplements either.

We all wish there was a magic pull we could take each morning, but there isn’t. And even Creatine, the only supplement ever really proven to work, only works if you have a good workout plan.

And if you are thinking that you can eat your way up to big muscles, then you can try it, but don’t run back to me screaming that you got fat and and feel terrible. The fact is that eating more leads to fat gain only.

If you want to build bigger muscles and build them on the right places then workout is the tool you need to acquire.

And to achieve your physique goals, you need the right workout that is designed in a way to help you do that.

Every workout has a different purpose and a lot of them are poorly designed. Just keep that in mind.

Guys that achieve their physique goals are the ones who are not stubborn to see that they need help.

You will get your desired results only if you let someone else, who knows what he doing, help you with your workout.

Stop spending hundreds of bucks a month on post workout nutrition, night protein and hydroxycut. Take this money and invest them in a solid workout program. Professional workout is what makes all the difference and is usually pretty cheap considering what are you getting in return.

So, set your goals and then find a good workout plan, don’t move to the second point until you have this one covered.

BTW if your goal good is a looking body that sparks attraction and commands respect then you can make this step easy by following the Fully Body Workout Plan With Dumbbells.

2. Focus on the Training

Tips for building good looking body

Once you have the right program in your hands, you have to start going to the gym and really training.

But be aware that having a good workout doesn’t mean you are done, that’s where it all starts, you can still screw this up if you are not careful.

Most guys go to the gym to work out, chat with their buddies, find out who’s the new chick in the staff and just boost their ego on the bench press. This is not the path to follow to get in shape, this is just going to the gym for fun.

There is a difference in the approach between those who look the same year after year and those who improve on monthly basis.

Take a pick, it’s okay if you go to the gym to have fun, but don’t expect any results or don’t try to save the day by taking your protein shake exactly after the workout and then before sleep, that won’t really change anything.

Do some serious strength training routine and then expect results.

3. Train Hard

There is no muscle development without pushing hard enough. You need to make your workouts challenging, keep progressing and trying to lift as much as possible without sacrificing your form.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but thing about it for a while, are you really lifting hard?

Are you sure you couldn’t lift a bit heavier dumbbells?

There is a good rule to follow that if your workout says 8 reps you should pick weights that you can do 8 reps only, you should be able to squeeze one or two more reps but with literally sweating blood. So take weights heavy enough to challenge your muscles, just make sure those 8 reps are perfect.

4. Train Often

This is a very common mistake.

However, you have to decide whether you want to take this seriously or not.

No matter what your goal is, you gotta be consistent with it.

Going to the gym two times a week is not going to do anything for you. While it will keep you fit, a bit energetic and give you the health benefits of training, it won’t build you any muscle mass.

Most workout programs focused building a better physique are designed for 4-6 workout sessions a week with few exceptions and that is a good rule to keep.

Stress your muscles often to give them the incentive to grow.

5. Master the Lifts

While you need to follow a good workout and keep pushing hard you need to focus on lifting properly as well. If not having a good workout plan is mistake number one, the second most common mistake is not willing to learn the proper form of every exercise in your workout plan.

Watch YouTube videos, ask experienced guys in the gym to show you how to do it, ask them to watch you and correct you. Film yourself and compare it to others.

If you are a beginner, it’s also a good idea to pay a personal trainer for couple of first training sessions to watch over and correct your mistakes. The problem with this is that he will usually push his theories on you and try to sell you some stuff you don’t really need. A lot of trainers have no idea what they are talking about, so be careful with this one.

And one more note. Don’t expect to learn everything overnight. Certain lifts are easier, certain more difficult. It will probably take you years till you master exercises like deadlifts or squats.

Just take your time to learn and practice.

6. Stick to It

How to get attractive body male

Do you have a history of not sticking to things? Do you jump from workout to workout every three weeks? Do you get bored or disinterested quickly? Are you patient enough?

This will also determine whether you succeed or not.

Getting in shape takes time and specifically building muscle will take A LOT of time, so don’t expect to transform in three weeks. Good workout programs are designed for at least three to four months.

You need to find a way to make a habit of going to the gym on regular basis and keep that pace for years.

Maybe you have heard that it takes at least 5000 hours to get really good at something and about 10000 to master it on a genius level. If you want to be in a killer shape, you better start aiming for this number.

And just out of curiosity, do the math. To hit the 5000 hour mark, how much time do you think you should spend training and how often? Let me know in the comments. Little hint, most fitness models and bodybuilding gurus have trained for at least 5 000 hours in their lives.

Good looking bodies are not build overnight, so this should be something to think about.

7. Train into a Specific Shape

This is a big one.

An aspect that lot of workout programs don’t account for. Most workouts focus on training torso and legs equally. That is not a good idea. If your goal is to develop the best physique possible while doing it in the shortest period of time possible, you need to focus on certain muscles more than others. This doesn’t mean not training other muscles at all, it’s just that in order to develop a good looking body shape you need to focus on the muscles that make up for that shape.

The most attractive shape you can build is the one that is shoulder dominant and is close to the V-Shape that models and actors who are in an amazing shape have.

Shoulders are responsible for your dominant male presence not legs or arms.

With this knowledge in mind you can order those muscles by importance and build something like a pyramid that can help you determine which muscles should you focus on more in your strength training sessions.

Here is an example of a training session that would be designed this way:

  • Workout No.:1 – Shoulders / Chest / Legs
  • Workout No.:2 – Shoulders / Back / Arms / Abs
  • Workout No.:3 – Shoulders / Chest / Legs
  • Workout No.:4 – Shoulders / Back / Arms / Abs/

This is just an example for the purpose of this article, but it’s a good way to show you how those principles would be actually incorporated in the workout sessions.

Starting with shoulder, followed by either back or chest exercises and then followed with one of the four less important muscle groups: triceps, biceps, thighs, calves.

If you have weak abs, start with two sessions a week and work your way up to almost daily workouts.

8. Build the ABS in the Kitchen

You already have six pack abs, if you can’t see them, you have to lose fat, and this is a fact.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to train your ABS to make them look strong and masculine and get some solid density, but you really can’t make them more visible in the gym, that’s entirely up to your diet.

Even if guys understand how to train their abs properly and they don’t manage to screw up their back in the process, they still don’t get the diet part. Lose fat first and then you will see your amazing six pack, got it?

9. Expect to Have Bad Days

Successful people failed, everyone gets sidetracked along the way and you will also have bad days and screw up at some point.

This sounds incredibly negative, but if you understand this and expect to have bad days, you can just get back up and keep going.

Most people set up a plan expecting everything to go as planned and when things are not perfect and they fail at some point, everything goes to hell.

For example ever skipped a workout and then just bought a pizza, because you told yourself that you can as well have it since you skipped the workout already? And then you ended up eating ice cream and had two beers on top of that and went to sleep feeling miserable and guilty?

This is a example of how not to deal with little “failures” along the way, instead accept and expect to have bad days, and then when you account for it, you will just get back up and not lose an entire day.

And remember one bad day is nothing if you have thirty good ones.

10. Take Time Off

Don’t train every day for 365 days a year. That’s inflexible, unnecessary, boring, and stupid.

You should take time to recover and rest.

And when you are at holiday or travelling, then just enjoy it and don’t work out. Train intelligently instead.

Set three months from each year for some really intense and advanced (if you can handle it) workouts. I recommend something less intense, so you can focus more on your shape than challenging yourself, for this purpose the best system is the Beach Body Workout Program.

And make sure you take 1-2 weeks as a break after 3-4 months. Never go more then four months without at least a week break. Let your muscles recover, let your mind be free from fitness for few days, get a massage, go skiing or swimming, whatever just don’t do strength training at that point.

And then just get back to training. You will usually notice that you have way more energy and strength than when you took the break.


This topic is obviously larger than this article can contain, but we have touched on many important points that if followed alone will make a HUGE difference in your training and ability to build muscle.

Let’s summarize them one more time:

  • Get a solid workout professionally designed to help you build a better looking body
  • Focus on the actual strength training routine, while you are at a gym, be the dedicated guy
  • Train and push hard
  • Train often
  • Be consistent and patient, the results will come
  • Stick to your workout
  • Learn the proper technique for each of the lifts you do
  • Focus most of your time on building bigger shoulders, back and chest
  • Get clear on your goals
  • If you want visible abs you have to lose fat first
  • Accept and expect to have bad days
  • Remember to take some time off the gym

Have this article help you? How did you tweaked your workout after learning this information? What workout protocol do you currently follow, are you getting results? The MyBeautyGym community wants to hear from you!!!


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