Creating Your Home Workout Space

Have you turned over a new leaf this year? Have you finally got your healthy eating regime and exercise schedule sorted? If so, you may be ready to get fit at home. But it’s not always practical to simply throw down a mat anywhere in the home. A spare bedroom, garage or garden room may be a better space. But it will need some changes to turn it into the ideal home workout room.

Here’s some tips for creating your home workout space:

Why It’s Important To Get The Flooring Right

The floor you choose for your new workout space, may just be the most important part of the room. Why? Because it’s the base for a comfortable and practical workout, so you want to get it right.

You need to consider how you use the room and what exercises you’ll be doing. Stretching exercises, yoga and aerobics will require not only a sturdy flat surface, but one that isn’t too hard or cold. So concrete and tiles may not be the best material for your floor. Laminate and vinyl could offer a little more cushioning. Plus, vinyl and laminate flooring prices are usually quite affordable, and they’re easy to clean.

A Place To Stow Your Kit Away

As well as making sure you’ve got the right flooring and plenty of space for your workouts, it may also be handy to consider having some useful storage.

How much storage will obviously depend on how much equipment you have. Storing equipment properly will help prolong its life and keep your space tidy. If you’re short on space, you could wall mount your storage or use compact storage solutions.

Install Some Useful Extras

The right ambience for your workouts is also worth considering. If you’re one of the many people that enjoys working out to music, then why not set up a music system and speakers? Or have a dock for your devices, so you can play music, time sessions, and use apps for your workouts.

Perhaps a few inspirational prints on the wall will help make the space feel more comfortable and keep you motivated. Or you might prefer a wall mirror, to create a more professional set up. Although, you’ll need to make sure anything you hang on the wall is securely fixed to keep things safe while you exercise.


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