Ways To Have An Impact On Your Community

Wanting to help and have a positive impact on your community can feel quite overwhelming and it might be easy to not know where to start. However, sometimes even the smallest acts of kindness can make an enormous difference. If you wish to know more about how you can contribute to your community, this article will help you.

Finding your passion

There are a lot of worthy causes out there, so deciding which you want to contribute to is not an easy decision. Moreover, you might be worried about current restrictions due to the coronavirus. If this is something that is on your mind, then there is good news. While the coronavirus has indeed changed the face of volunteering on many levels, there are still many opportunities for you out there. As a start, you can set a day aside to familiarize yourself with the organizations which are near you and how you can get in touch with them.

Benefits of volunteering

The contributions of volunteering go beyond giving back to your community. Volunteering has an important economic contribution to a country – with 8 billion hours contributed by volunteers in the USA in 2018. However, it also has personal benefits to an individual. It has been linked frequently to improved mental health and lower risk of developing depression. Engaging in volunteering therefore allows you to both help the community and enhance your own wellbeing.


Besides volunteering, donating can be another enormous help for organizations as it allows them to continue their work, even in the hardest of times. In particular, the coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult for aid organizations to operate. Not only are more people at risk and in need of support, but heightened restrictions have made it more difficult for organizations to do their work. While many have faced increased hardship or even lost their jobs, others continued to do what they can to help anyone who was in a less fortunate position. With the help of the local community, the Calgary Dream Centre, dedicated to ending homelessness and addiction, was able to continue their work and provide a lifeline to many members of Calgary’s community. This is just one instance which shows that no matter the amount, your financial contribution can make a difference. Even if you do not have much to spare, the fact that you wish to help and do whatever you can within your own capacity, is the most important part.

Group effort

The work of aid organizations forms a crucial aspect of communities which emphasizes that there are many people who require assistance and support. To build a fostering community it is therefore important to give back if you are in a position to do so. Especially during crisis, it is important to count one’s blessings and, if possible, help others who are confronted with more challenges. This is underlined by the fact that the effort of many organizations, such as the Calgary Dream Centre, were not in vain during this time and made possible by contributions – small and grand alike.