Home Remedies for Sinus Health

Seasonal allergies, asthma, or sinus issues getting you down? It can be more than a little frustrating not being able to breathe easy. Many of these issues can stubbornly persist for a long period of time or return time and again to plague you.

You do not have to leave yourself at the mercy of your respiratory health woes, however. There are a number of home remedies and simple lifestyle changes you can make to enhance lung and sinus health. Let’s check out a few simple and effective ideas.

1. Try Using A Neti Pot.

One traditional remedy which is worth trying for your sinus problems is using a neti pot to rinse out your sinuses with a saline rinse.

This research article states, “Consensus guidelines recommend saline nasal irrigation as a treatment for a variety of other conditions, including rhinitis of pregnancy and acute rhinosinusitis. Saline nasal irrigation appears safe, with no reported serious adverse events.”

If you are new to this method, read the instructions carefully before you attempt the saline rinse. If you do not use proper technique, you could introduce bacteria, whereas your goal is to remove them.

2. Consider Taking A Supplement For Respiratory Health.

Herbal supplements can be a great way to improve the health of your sinuses and lungs. Some options include butterbur, which behaves similar to an antihistamine without the sedative side effects, and boswellia, which can combat inflammatory conditions such as asthma.

The highly rated BREATHE Sinus & Lungs Support Supplement by Eu Natural contains butterbur and boswellia together with quercetin, vitamin D, and other healthy supplements for respiratory support.

BREATHE is free of the unwanted fillers, additives, and binders you find in so many other supplements.

This makes it a healthy choice for supporting respiratory health no matter what sinus or lung issues you are experiencing.

3. Boil Water And Use The Steam.

Natural ways to get rid of a sinus infection

Another simple home remedy for opening up your sinuses and reducing pressure and pain is to boil some water on the stovetop.

Once the steam is rising from the water, just lean over it. If you don’t want to lean over a stovetop, another option is to take a hot shower. You also can just try running really hot water in your sink and leaning over that.

4. Eat A Spicy Meal.

How many times have you eaten a spicy meal and found yourself with the sniffles thinking, “Wow, that meal really cleared out my sinuses?”

Next time your sinuses are having a hard time clearing, think about preparing a spicy meal. You have to eat something, so you might as well pick something which might help.

5. Drink More Water.

Your sinuses are more likely to drain if your nasal mucus is thinner in consistency. The way to help thin out your nasal mucus is to make sure you are drinking ample amounts of water. If you are dehydrated, the mucus will probably thicken, and sinus pressure may be worse.

6. Make The Air Less Dry.

How to drain sinuses

Dry air can be a major contributing factor to sinus issues. If the air in your home is really dry, you can try running a humidifier.

If it is wintertime, running a heater can exacerbate problems with your sinuses. Try only using the heater when you really need it, and leaving it off or at a lower setting the rest of the time.

How can you stay warm? You may be surprised how well using solutions like a heated mattress pad can work. Obviously, you will still probably be running your heater a fair amount, but anytime you can give yourself a break from that hot, dry air, it can help.

7. Try Using Essential Oils.

Essential oils are another home remedy which may be worth a try when you need to clear your sinuses.

Some essential oils which may be beneficial include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and oregano.

You can combine this idea with the use of steam by adding a little essential oil to your boiling water on the stovetop. The steam you breathe in will be infused with the essential oils and their benefits (though keep in mind that oils may be less effective if they are exposed to high heat).

With These Home Remedies, Sinus Health and Comfort Can Improve

You have some ideas now for how you can treat and potentially prevent problems with your lungs and sinuses. Try humidifying your air, adding a healthy supplement for respiratory support to your diet, and using home remedies like a neti pot or essential oils. If you are dedicated to your approaches, you soon may be enjoying a deep breath of relief.