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During winter, more care for the skin is a requirement. The cold is one of the causes of chapped lips. See a dermatologist for advice regarding your skincare for the winter period. Do not go to regular drug stores as information provided may be insufficient. You can then purchase the products that are good and caring for skin during the winter period. It is usually extremely cold. You need a good or proper winter skincare routine that you can follow.

1. Moisturize More

The cold is one among the major causes of chapped lips. Since the weather is changed from warmer to colder, find moisturizers that are oil based. Oil will aid in the creation of a barrier that will be protective for your skin. These products when used will have better results than the moisturizers or creams used during summers. These moisturizers can be purchased together with eyelash growth products to maintain elegance in the cold season.

2. Avoid Wet Gloves and Socks

Wet gloves and also socks are irritating to bother your hands and the foot. Itching is also common for having wet socks and gloves on the extremities. Avoid socks that are wet and gloves too. They also cause itching on the skin and the sores. Eczema also flares up as a result of the wetness.

3. Hook Up the Humidifier

The heating system including the space heaters brings or blast air that is warm and hot in the homes or the offices. The humidifiers have moisture it collects from the air that ensures that the skin does not dry out. It is essential to place humidifiers in our homes throughout. Ensure that you have many of them. With these humidifiers, it is possible for the moisture to disperse in a manner that is even.

4. Hydrate for your Health

Causes of chapped lips also include dehydration. Drinking water that is enough and sufficient is vital for the body and the cells health. It still aids in making skin younger and fresh. Ensure that the water you drink is sufficient to help the body remain hydrated for the health of the skin, the cells and the body at large.

5. Slather on Sunscreen

The winter sun that comes sometimes combined with the glare of the snow is damaging to the skin. Its effects are not good for health and the skin. Apply sunscreen to the skin especially the face and the hands as they are the ones majorly exposed to the sun. This is essential and needs to be done for about 30 minutes before getting out of the house to go outside. Reapplying is advisable if you are going outside to stay for a long time.

6. Give your Hands a Hand

The skin on the hands tends to be thinner compared to other parts. The hand has oil glands that are fewer. The two characteristics depict that is harder to maintain moist hands. This is due to the cold weather that is there in winter. Cracking of the hands can therefore occur. To prevent this from occurring, try to care for the hands. You can use gloves for the hands, and you can also wear wool to cover and hide the arms from the cold and to prevent the cracking and the itchiness. Slip thin layer of cotton or gloves under the wool as wool sometimes can cause irritation to skin and hands.

7. Grease up Your Feet

Something stronger than usual lotion for the feet is essential during the winter skincare routine. Go for those lotions that have jelly in them or even glycerin. To get the dead skin off the feet, it is advisable to look for an exfoliation product. They also aid in ensuring that the feet remain moisturized. Otherwise, the use of the minty lotions alone will not be of help for the feet during the winters.

8. Pace and Peels

The skin sometimes dries a lot in winters. There is the need of avoiding the masks and the use of harsh peels as they have the effect of stripping oil away from the skin. Mild foaming cleansers or even cleansing milk is good for use in the winters. The cleanser needs to be alcohol-free. Masks needed are those that are hydrating in nature. They need not be clay based. Ensure to use these products fewer times.

9. Ban Superhot Baths

You may think that soaking yourself in the super hot bath is helpful in winter. However, it is wrong to do it. It breaks those layers of the lipids beneath your skin. Consequently, this leads and results in the loss of the moisture from the body. Take a warm shower as it is better and does not alter with the lipid layers under the skin. Stay for shorter periods in the water.

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You need changes for the winter skincare routine. The routine changes as the weather change. You may feel cold and suffer other problems if you do not change the routine for the sake of your body and health. Skin care products that suit your skin are the best for use. Seeing a dermatologist before having the routine is the first step you should take. Proper care of the skin leads to the maintenance of a beautiful and healthy skin.


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