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Alcoholism (alcohol addiction) is a kind of medical condition and mental illness wherein a person loses the ability to control alcohol consumption or the intake of beverages containing high alcohol contents. In layman’s term, alcohol addiction refers to a medical disorder in which the person in question becomes incapable of controlling his/her drinking habit due to his/her excessive dependency on alcohol. An alcohol addict is the one who rely both emotionally and physically on alcohol.

The worst things about alcoholism is that an addict largely remains aware of the fact that alcohol consumption is not good for his/her health, however, even after knowing its consequences, he/she continues to consume it.

Let’s Take A Look At Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Before we discuss the ideas or tips to overcome alcohol addiction, let’s talks about the two day hangover, signs and symptoms of this problem briefly. If you know about its signs and symptoms, it will become easier for you to judge whether you are suffering from this mental illness or not. Most of the times people suffering from alcohol addiction or substance abuse remain unaware of the fact that they have a grave medical disorder, which can ruin their life as well as the life of their loved ones and friends.

Here are some of the crucial signs of Alcohol addiction

  • Frequent consumption of alcohol
  • Consumption of alcohol in large quantities
  • Inability to minimize alcohol consumption
  • Feeling uneasy and restless in the absence of consuming alcohol
  • Hiding your drinking habits from others
  • Using money to buy alcohol and telling lies to your family and spouse about the same
  • Lending money from friends repeatedly to buy a drink

If you think that you have similar sort of problem, you must look forward to treating your addiction. There are a lot of well-known and reliable rehab centres that offer high-quality alcoholism treatment. You can easily find one of those reputed rehabilitation centres which provide quality treatments for substance abuse, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and eating disorders etc.

5 Practical Ideas To Overcome Alcoholism

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1. Accept The Fact That You Are An Alcohol Addict

Most of the times the biggest obstacle that comes in your way when it comes to overcoming alcoholism is the fact that you refuse to accept the truth that you are an alcohol addict. The most indispensable thing to deal with this mental illness is to accept that you are suffering from one of the worst medical conditions in the world. Once the problem is accepted, you can definitely look forward to eliminating it. If you are ready to recover from it, you can ask suggestions from your family and good friends in terms of what type of treatment you should go for.

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2. Look For An Authentic Rehab

The best way of treating alcohol addiction and substance abuse is to find out a nice rehab and take psychotherapeutic treatment from therapists and counselors. Rehabilitation centres either provide inpatient programs, wherein an addict has to get ready for residential commitments or outpatient programs wherein the treatment is offered through outpatient sessions.

You can select anyone among these two treatment program depending upon your condition. The inpatient program is slightly more expensive when compared to the outpatient addiction program. Hence, if your condition is really very serious and you do not have any money problem you can go for inpatient program, however, if you think that you can recover from your condition even through outpatient sessions, you can happily choose that.

3. Follow Everything Suggested By Your Therapist

Whether you have selected an inpatient program or an outpatient program, you have to be really very careful about following each and every suggestion given by your therapist. You recovery totally depends on the kind of efforts you are putting during your treatment process. Hence, you must drop all those ideas wherein you think about cheating your counselor and therapist when it comes reporting everything clearly to them.

For example, if you selected an outpatient program, which allows you to meet your therapist only a couple of times in a week, you must tell him/her clearly about your ongoing drinking habit. That means if your therapist or counselor has asked you to stop consuming alcohol and if you are consuming it even after his/her insistence you should tell them clearly. However, if you lie about it to them, you will never be able to fight recover from alcoholism.

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4. Stay In The Company Of Non-drinkers

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One of the best ways to quit your drinking habits and minimize your addiction is to find those people who refuse to drink. On the other hand, if you still remain in the company of those people who motivate you to consume alcohol, it becomes next to impossible to overcome your problem.

5. Don’t Buy Beverages With Alcohol Content

If you really want to quit drinking, stop buying beverages that include alcohol content in them such as beer, vodka, whiskey, and rum etc. If you buy them and keep them at home you will somehow end up drinking them once in a while.

Hence, if you seriously want to recover from alcoholism you must take the above-mentioned ideas seriously.