Let’s face it: creatine works. It helps the body to produce more energy faster, giving you that extra few reps you need to really push your muscles to the limit and experience better results in both strength and mass. Body Fortress Creatine is a popular and affordable creatine supplement, making it possible for even devoted workout nuts on a tight budget to gain the benefits associated with creatine.

Let’s see if this product is worth the investment.

Introduction and Ingredients

We’ll start with a look at the ingredients label for the Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine High Performance (the full product title). Immediately it’s clear that this is more than just creatine. You get a substantial 33g of carbohydrates per 48g scoop, and 6.119mg of Triple Creatine Matrix (creatine monohydrate, creatine ester phosphate and creatine ethyl esther). There’s also a little cocktail of BCAA (branch-chain amino acids) present, a total of 2.063mg made up of taurine, leucine, isoleucine, valine and n-acetyl.

You also get some macrominerals in sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Chromium is present as well. Finally, there’s a 2.063mg nitric oxide blend featuring l-arginine. Stevia is used for sweetening.

The interesting part is the large carbohydrate content in addition to the creatine. Adding carbohydrates to creatine has been shown to increase the total creatine content in muscles. So, theoretically, you should get better gains from this combination than you’ll get from creatine loading alone. The total calories for a suggested serving are 150.

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Mixing and Drinking

This is somewhat of an acquired taste. The flavor is fruit punch, and it tastes a lot like Koolaid. It is very sweet already, so you probably shouldn’t add it to sweet drinks like fruit juice. Some people do find the taste hard to stomach, but it’s not that bad and really, you don’t buy these products for their taste, but for the muscle gains they’ll give you.

If you can’t pinch your nose and suck up a few gulps in the name of adding real muscle mass, then you may need to question whether you really should be using creatine supplements at all. It’s not supposed to be a restaurant quality milkshake, but a functional tool in your workout arsenal.

Body Fortress Creatine mixes very easily, so getting it ready for consumption is a breeze.


This is quite an effective creatine supplement for the price. You can expect more energy, especially during the last reps of a set, and you should also see a fast increase in all over mass and gradual increase in muscle mass.

Real people get real results with Body Force Creatine, and notice the decline in their performance in its absence. Here are some comments from verified buyers:

“Within a few days after starting to take this product, I am able to squeeze out a few additional reps to my heaviest upper body free weight sets. The effect appears to disappear within a few days of ceasing to take the recommended daily serving.” P. Scott Pope, Amazon.com

“I have noticed since taking it that my shoulders have become stronger. My military press went up 10lbs…” Aaron M. Amaya, Amazon.com

User Reviews

We think this is a solid product for the price, and about 8 out of 10 people who review the product on online shopping sites agree. Here are a few verified buyer comments on the Body Fortress Creatine supplement:

“My husband and I got this product to help during our work outs. It really does help to extend work out times. We work out at least 45 minutes a day. So any life extender in our lifting is a great help. The only real down side is it is sicky sweet, so it can irritate the stomach. Other wise it works great.” Linda Pimentel, Amazon.com

“Tastes good, and mixes well with water. I use a scoop every day, 15 minutes before I lift. I have certainly noticed that I can get a few extra reps in my later sets. I am quite happy with the results.” Fred Waltz, Amazon.com


You need to drink extra water when taking creatine supplements or risk muscle cramps. For the price, there’s not a whole lot else we can fault this product on. It does contain a little too much sugar perhaps.

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Where to buy this product

If you want to buy this product online, Amazon.com is the way to go for great packaging, speed, pricing an free shipping (for orders over $25). You should also be able to find it at your local Walmart store.


Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine is a great supplement for the price. While creatine will never taste good, most buyers agree that Body Fortress has done a good job with the taste of this product. The addition of BCAA and carbohydrates make this a potent muscle building product that will really energize your workouts and help you to push past your limits.

If you are not happy with your results here you can always opt for a more expensive brand, but this is an excellent creatine supplement to test the waters with before taking a chance on more costly products.


  • BCAAs
  • Builds muscle
  • Increases energy
  • Price
  • Combines carbs with creatine


  • High in sugar
  • Taste