Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, also known as NAD, is a potent naturally occurring co-enzyme involved in all the important functions of your body. As you begin to age, the levels of NAD fall naturally. It may result in many changes in your body, including aging. To combat it, you can opt for NAD therapy. This therapy helps boost your mood, energy level, athletic performance, cognitive function, and more.

When your doctor suggests NAD therapy, know that you will experience the below-listed benefits.

No More Signs of Ageing

According to many studies and research, NAD can help with anti-aging. Whether it is the signs of aging on your skin or your overall body function, you can actively deal with them by trying this therapy. The anti-aging power of the therapy is phenomenal, and you must consider it to feel more youthful, younger, and energetic.

Improved Levels of Energy

Many studies have established that NAD works closely with mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, to provide energy to your cells. When the supply of NAD is increased in the body through therapy, the mitochondria and other energy-related bioprocesses begin working more efficiently. Thus, delivering more energy to the cells in your body. As a result, you experience improved energy and vitality.

Helps with Weight Management 

If you are struggling with weight issues, you can talk to your doctor about NAD therapy and give it a shot to help with weight management. Because of its energy enhancing property, NAD is related to metabolism, the prime factor that helps you in weight management. Low NAD levels lead to reduced cellular energy. It may further result in a low metabolic rate. This therapy boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn unwanted calories, even when you are at rest.

Creates Resistance to Diseases 

Many diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and multiple sclerosis are caused by a chain reaction of various cellular defects. In some studies, the low levels of NAD are linked to the development of such diseases. When you take this therapy in combination with other required therapies, it stops and reverses the chain reactions, creating resistance to these diseases.

Elimination of Free Radicals 

Free radicals are charged molecules accumulating in your body. They also negatively affect its cellular functioning, hence creating various bodily disturbances. Taking NAD therapy reduces the number of free radicals in your body, promoting the cellular processes to operate at optimal levels and keeping you healthy in the long run.

Enhanced Cognitive Functioning 

Your brain demands high levels of energy to function properly, and when the NAD levels in your body are low, the cellular levels automatically go down. You can go for NAD therapy and give your body enhanced cellular energy, leading to better cognitive functioning outcomes. As a result, you experience sharper and enhanced memory, longer concentration, mental clarity, and improved brain health.

Better Immunity 

Low immunity means your body becomes home to various unwanted diseases and infections. Poor immunity and autoimmune diseases are closely linked with low levels of NAD in your body. This therapy helps boost your immunity by increasing the amount of oxygen entering your cells. Moreover, NAD therapy also helps your body fight infections and reduces inflammation.

Better Athletic Performance 

This therapy has many boons for fitness enthusiasts and athletes as well. Experts suggest that NAD therapy restores the NAD levels in your body, which helps you deal with exertion. The muscles do not lose their strength and vitality as they receive proper energy.


NAD therapy has many other advantages to offer and it may take just 3-4 hours to administer. Depending upon your treatment plan, your doctor may suggest this therapy followed by other options, such as IV therapy, to keep you fit and healthy.