Post-Baby Body

Having a baby is an incredible moment in any woman’s life, but the process can leave you feeling low in body confidence. It is important to begin by allowing your body to rest and recover, but after that there is no reason not to try and get back in shape. Your tummy, breasts and skin are the three main areas you should focus on in the first few months after giving birth. Beyond losing the baby weight, here’s how to work on these three key areas.


So your stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be following childbirth and you’re looking to keep it toned. The first step is, of course, hitting the local gym. With a low fat diet, combined with plenty of planks and situps, you can reduce the effects of baby weight.

However, if you want results fast, consider a mommy makeover. Plastic surgeons are specialists in liposuction and tummy tucking procedures for new mothers. This will instantly remove fat in the stomach, leaving it looking fatter and firmer. Once the fat is gone, any exercise will reveal abs in no time.


All kinds of things can happen to breasts during and after pregnancy. They may get bigger during, then start to shrink as you breastfeed. You will likely have noticed a sagging as well as a soreness. You shouldn’t worry, this is normal!

However, it is not uncommon to begin to dislike the general appearance of your breasts following childbirth. Surgeons will provide breast enlargement or reduction surgeries if you so desire, but you can also reintroduce a firmness by doing press ups everyday. Various home remedies for firm breasts can also be effective, including rubbing them with ice, olive oil and egg yolk.

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You probably thought your days of bad skin ended as a teenager. However, the stress of carrying a baby for 9 months may have taken its toll. Luckily, your skin will always return to normal in time, but there are some things you can do to speed up the process.

Botox and fillers can instantly create a youthful look, but you can also naturally heal your skin. Ensure you stay out of direct sunlight and use sun lotion until the pigmentation returns to normal. Then take extra care to cleanse, tone, moisturize and drink plenty of water to reduce dryness and puffy eyes.

Baby’s take their toll on every mother’s body, but there’s no reason not to love your body. Your body will heal itself naturally, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise can speed up the process. If plastic surgery appeals to you, this can also be a quick fix to those small areas that need improvement.