Simple Things To Do To Slow Down And Prevent Aging

The aging process on inevitable. Scientists work hard on figuring out how to slow it down and make us live longer. We all know that we should try to live as healthier as we can. That means we should sleep regularly, eat as much fruit and vegetables as we can, try to avoid junk food. Eat well so we can protect our immune system. Also, physical exercise is very important. Work out at least two times a week, hike, connect with nature, try to smile more and be positive. Also, make your brain work as well. Engage in puzzle-solving activities, play games.

All of those things can help us live longer and slow down the aging process, but there are also simple and easy things we can do regularly, that doesn’t take much time, and can help us. Check out our list of 10 simple things you can do to slow down and prevent aging.

1. Pay attention to your cosmetics

When you choose your makeup and beauty products some of you go for cheaper products and some like luxury and expensive ones. The thing is that the price doesn’t really matter, and you should choose products based on the type of your skin, not the package or price. If the product doesn’t soothe your skin and make it irritated, your skin will age faster. Also, the very important thing to pay attention to is what is actually inside your products. Some of them are filled with toxic ingredients that will make your face age quickly. For example, many lipsticks contain lead and cadmium, both toxic and carcinogen. Also, check if your product is paraben- free. Paraben can cause fertility problems and many products have it. Go with natural products as often as you can, they will make your skin hydrated and fresh and help you out with wrinkles.

Neurocosmetics is the latest in skincare technology. Neurocosmetics are treatments designed to stimulate or inhibit neuro receptors in skin like cooling, warming, stinging, and tightness. Neurocosmetics are non-toxic, bio-active topical products which contain special ingredients designed to work on a neurological level. Neurocosmetics combines science and nature to enhance the healthy appearance of the skin, while reducing fine lines and combating sensitive skin issues. If you are looking for a special face cream for dry skin, then neurocosmetics will be your answer.

2. Put fish oil on your face

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and have many skin benefits, increase skin quality and prevent aging. They will reduce the inflammation, make your skin softer and moisturized, prevent and reduce wrinkles. You can take Omega 3 pills, or use products that contain this type of acid. But also, you can apply fish oil directly on your face after washing it. It doesn’t make your skin greasy, and it improves your skin tone. You can do it every day, twice a day if you wish. After a few weeks, the difference will be noticed. If you don’t mind the smell of fish, using it directly on the skin is a great trick. You can always mix it with a bit of essential oil, to get rid of the smell. Start with 10 ml of olive oil, mix two drops of carrot seed oil, frankincense and fish oil. You can use lavender to calm redness. Massage for 30 seconds and rinse with warm water.

3. Go crazy with the sunscreen

Yes, you heard it. Regular sunscreen can slow down aging. It doesn’t just prevent you from getting sunburned, it can actually slow down wrinkling and premature aging. You can use it daily, and use sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher. Apply it to your face, neck, arms and hands every morning after taking a shower, and each time you go outside. It will protect you from Ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation from the sun that is responsible for aging and wrinkling of the skin. Stop stretch marks and scars from getting darker using sunscreen. Using it regularly will also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

4. Clean your make-up brushes

Did you know how many bacteria there is on your makeup brushes and sponges? Yet most of us don’t clean them regularly. Dirty brushes can cause viral and fungal infections and inflammation of your face. All those infections will ruin your skin while stopping your pores to breathe. They will give you acne and puffy skin. All those things will definitely influence aging. Clean your dirty brushes and sponges regularly. Do it each month with a mild shampoo and warm water, rinse them and let them dry on a clean towel. Also, from time to time try to replace them with new ones. Make up itself has many bad ingredients, so do all you can to replace it with natural make up. Also, don’t cover your face with too much foundation. It won’t let your pores breathe and will make your face age quicker.

5. Avoid sugar

We all love sweets, but processed sugar can be bad for us. It can cause dark circles and wrinkles. Proteins in your skin react with excessive sugar and dehydrate your skin and fast track the aging process. That means you should try to eliminate, or at least reduce the amount of soft drinks, cakes, biscuits in your diet. Try using honey and stevia instead. Also, don’t use artificial sweeteners. If you do that you will be surprised just how fresher and younger it will make you look.

6. Buy frozen fruits and veggies

First of all, what food are you supposed to eat if you want to slow down the aging process and why? Incorporate as many antioxidants in your diet as you possibly can. They have anti-inflammatory properties and will protect your skin. Green tea, cocoa, and dark chocolate can clean your body of unnecessary toxins. All the berries are great for slowing down aging. Mix them with yogurt and make your own healthy dessert. Buy frozen fruits and veggies when their season has passed. Fresh ones have to be packed, transported and will stay on the shelves for several days, losing some of the nutritional value. Frozen ones are immediately frozen when their nutrient levels are at their highest. This means that the vitamins and nutrients are well preserved.

7. Drink coconut water

Coconut water is getting popular with celebrities and it definitely should. It is rich in vitamins and full of amino acids. A glass of coconut water is a healthy option for hydration, and a great option for those who like flavor in their beverages. It has a lot of Vitamin C that will give your skin firmness, protect it from damage, and help out with aging. It is a healthier option than fruit juice. It contains compounds (cytokinins) that protect cells from aging and also help prevent cancer. And it tastes good.

8. Drink less alcohol

Modern women are consuming more alcohol than ever in history. Drinking less can make a noticeable difference in your appearance. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which causes wrinkles and inflamed tissue. It also zaps the body of Vitamin A that is necessary for repairing skin tissue. When your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin A, your skin will look dry. Many sugary drinks will result in sallow skin and bloodshot eyes. So try to drink less, or if possible don’t drink at all. Not just for aging but alcohol can reflect badly on your health in general.

9. Put green tea bags on your eyes

If your skin is dull and eyes are puffy, try this little trick. It also works if you have black circles under your eyes. And it also works with black tea. So how does it work? Green tea has caffeine that reduces swelling and puffiness under the eyes and tannis that helps constrict capillaries and blood vessels. Make yourself a tea using 2 bags. Remove the bags and squeeze extra water. Put them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. They don’t have to be entirely dry. Place them on each eye and leave for 10 minutes. You can do this as often as you wish.

10. Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating your face on a regular basis will help you rejuvenate your skin. It will help clear acne and blackheads, improve your skin texture and make your face bright, vibrant, and smooth. Doing it regularly will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keep your skin softer. It will also clean your pores and allow your sunscreen to better protect your skin. You can always do a chemical peeling, but it is much healthier and better if you do it naturally. Focus on dry patches of skin, gently exfoliate in upward, circular motions and when you are done, use a hydrating moisturizer. You can also put best anti aging face cream when you are done. One more tip if you want to prevent aging- Hands off your face. Popping and picking at the skin will just push bacteria and dirt deeper into pores.