How To Stay Healthy Without Going To The Gym

Nowadays, everyone has become a gym freak. You can see so many instagram accounts where people are showing off how much they workout for those perfect abs how hard they work to stay healthy and fit. You can see so many people putting up gym selfies and transformation pictures too. All these things obviously make you feel bad that you are not going to the gym and just sitting in your bed while all the others get all fit and healthy.

Whatever the circumstances, many of us are not able to go to the gym. It could be the working schedule or any other reason. Well, there is some good news. You don’t need to go to the gym to stay healthy. You can have a fit body by using just some simple tricks.

1. Sugar = Enemy

You have to eliminate the sugary content of your diet. It is your biggest enemy and the major reason you gain weight. So many people who avoided sugar in their daily routine have seen a visible reduction in their weight. Substitute your sugar needs with honey. It will keep you healthy from inside out. Sugar is the reason behind so many ailments in our body. Remove it from your diet and you’ll be good to go without any gym.

Natural sugar can still be taken in a limited amount but not externally through ice creams, cakes, candies, pastries and all the other junk that is available. You can find sugar in so many food items which you are unknowingly eating. You are at the end harming your health. If you want to stay healthy without much effort, throw out the sugar box from your kitchen.

2. Water Water Everywhere Then Why Don’t You Drink

Water is one of the most essential things that you need to stay healthy. Drink as much water as you can, at least 3 litres a day. You will never go through dehydration this way. You need water in your body to eliminate all the toxins that are formed. You drink many kinds of detox water that have such complicated recipes, drink simple plain water rather than going through the pain of making complicated detox water recipes and not getting good results at the end. It will even help your skin to glow. Your body will stay healthy from not only inside but outside too. The changes would be visible on your face itself.

3. More Walking, Less Driving

The major reason behind the increasing number of obese population is the kind of transportation we use. Gone are the days when people used to walk miles just to get water. We don’t even prefer walking to our kitchen to do that, which is just 10 steps away. Our laziness has made us like this.

We should walk more and use less of the cars and two wheelers that we have. We use two wheelers to commute to a place half a km away. At least in such a situation we can avoid using our vehicles. None of us should have a problem walking for such a small distance, if we want to stay healthy. Not just in situations like this, try to incorporate the habit of walking wherever you can. The more you walk and the less you will have to worry about your health.

Keep walking for good health

You can even buy fitness bands (thanks science) from brands like Lenovo, Apple etc that will help in this regard. These bands will monitor your daily routine and let you know about the calories you have burnt and the steps or activities that you have done so far etc. Much to users delight, these are not the most expensive of gadgets, instead are priced appropriately for users like us to enjoy them.

If you are lazy (until now) and don’t want to gauge through your nearby market for such bands, no worries, instead use these stack of online shopping coupons and buy the best available fitness band for yourself, at hefty discounts and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Do note that unlike driving(rash), walking won’t kill you. And what doesn’t kill us, will only makes us stronger. Right? So, dust yourself and get ready to stay fit the easier way.

4. Eating Habits Matter

Our eating habits matter a lot. How we eat, when we eat and what we eat plays a vital role in determining the shape of our body. If you have your dinner late at night and go to sleep straight away then obviously you will have a thick layer of cellulite everywhere on your body. This is because you don’t give the food you take in its time to digest. The food you eat should be properly digested before you go to sleep. This is why you should eat less at night because we all are tired and you don’t want to wait for too long before hitting the bed. Eat less so that it takes less time to digest.

Even the posture that you sit in while eating matters a lot. There is a reason we have dining tables. Don’t have food while you are lying sprawled in your bed. Sit straight and then eat. The most important thing is food content i.e. what you eat. If you eat cheese burgers and fries all the time or food like this then you are sure to develop a nice belly.

Eat something that fills your stomach and has more of good fats. Eat more nuts and have salad at least in one of your meals during the day.These three things are the most important of all so this is the area you need to put your major focus on.

5. No More Sitting

Our body develops so many ailments just because we keep on sitting for too long. We should never sit for more than 3o minutes. For people who have a schedule where they need to sit continuously are the ones at risk here. You will develop a back pain that won’t go away for a lifetime. Try moving around every once in a while. Your body will become stiff otherwise and you will develop joint pains and other problems too. Even at home, don’t lie down or sit for a longer time period. Keep yourself involved in some kind of activity from time to time.

Keep yourself involved in some kind of activity

Taking a nap is a different thing, even though a nap should be taken for a limited time period. Naps taken for different time spans can help in improving various abilities of the body. Like taking a 20 minute nap helps in boosting brain power. The gist of all this is that stiffness is not good for your body and neither is being jammed in a single position for a long while.

6. Have An Exercise Routine

You may not be able to go to the gym but you can have an exercise routine for yourself according to the time that suits you. Do it for 20 minutes or so, doesn’t matter if you do it in the evening or morning. It will surely improve your metabolism and energise your body. You will have the energy to go through the day if you do it in the morning and if you have an evening routine; it will totally freshen you up and release all your tensed muscle and the stress.

7. Be Active

Sitting inside the house all day is really boring and harmful too. If you have zero outdoor activities in your routine you will definitely develop some kind of disease. Better go out and play with your dog or just have fun smelling the beautiful fresh air. Feel the summer breeze and refresh yourself. If not that, then plan a day out with your friends and just explore the city while walking. You will have fun and get some exercise done. Do this once in a while and you will notice the change in your body.

Just do these simple things and you will find your health escalating from its original position. You will never feel the need to go to a gym. These gyms were not even there in olden times and people still lived more and better than we do today. We are unhealthy due to our lifestyle. To change your lifestyle you need not pay thousands of bucks. Just inculcate these small things in your daily routine and you will see the changes.