With fall fast approaching, fashion and makeup trend predictions are everywhere: are low rise jeans still a thing? Does ‘barely there’ makeup work throughout the colder months? How will the return of the noughties aesthetic manifest in our winter wardrobes?

As always, we’re likely to see the return of our annual trusty favorites – autumn and winter typically inspire a bolder lip and the beloved smokey eye. But which summer trends are likely to stick around throughout the festive season and what can we expect specifically when it comes to lash looks?

1. The ‘Kitten Liner’ Trend

Throughout 2021, we’ve seen the return of the cat eye’s more subtle, minimalistic sister: the kitten look. With the likes of Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz popularising this stunningly understated eye look, it’s sure to continue throughout the fall and winter.

Zendaya embraces the kitten liner look
Zendaya embraces the kitten liner look.

How will this classy liner look impact lash trends? Well, we can be sure to see lash technicians inundated with requests for cat-eye lash extensions. These perfectly complement the kitten liner look, as longer extensions are applied to the outer corners of the eyes, while shorter extensions are applied towards the inner corners. This creates the illusion of a winged eye, making it the ideal match for the kitten liner trend. Cat eye lash extensions are great for those who simply don’t have the time to apply eyeliner each day, as the lashes alone provide a similar overall effect.

2. Colored Lashes

Colored lashes are not only perfect for summer festivals or creating fantasy looks, they can work wonders throughout the holiday season. Typically, colored eyelash extensions are associated with trends such as the mermaid or unicorn lash looks, however they can be so much more versatile than this.

During the festive season, it can be the perfect time to experiment with playful lash looks using colorful extensions – such as red and green lashes interspersed throughout classic black extensions, giving a Christmassy spin on a traditional lash look.

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than bringing these classic festive colors into your lashes?

3. Brown Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to fall specifically, there’s no better time for brown lashes. In recent months, brown lash extensions have become increasingly popular – they can create a more natural looking, softer version of looks created with standard black lash extensions.

Brown lashes work particularly well on those with fair complexions. As fall approaches and the sun goes into hiding, those with fair skin tones are likely to become even paler – so why not go for brown lashes instead of black to give a more subtle enhancement to your natural lashes? Brown lashes are about as autumnal as lashes can get!

4. Mega Volume Lashes

If you’re a fan of bold, dramatic lash looks, there’s no better time to give mega volume lashes a whirl than the fall/winter seasons. As mentioned earlier, fall/winter is typically when the classic smokey eye returns in full force – everyone is after those slightly darker tones.

Mega volume lashes can beautifully complement a smokey eye. Of course, it’s crucial that these are applied properly by a trusted professional, as mega volume lashes can be damaging to the natural lashes if not applied with care by an experienced lash artist.

If you don’t feel quite ready to opt for mega volume lash extensions, volume lashes are equally as stunning while being a little less ‘out there’.

Volume and mega volume lashes are guaranteed to be popular this fall/winter, especially after the return of the noughties ‘clumpy mascara’ look, as seen both on catwalks and influencers alike.

Addison Rae has been spotted donning the long, voluminous mascara look, so for those who simply don’t have the time (or energy) to be applying layers and layers of mascara to achieve this trendy look, volume or mega volume lash extensions are the perfect, low maintenance alternative.

Addison Rae sports the dramatic, thick lash look using mascara
Addison Rae sports the dramatic, thick lash look using mascara.

Hopefully, these four predicted lash trends give you a good idea of which lash extensions you may want to opt for at your next appointment!