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Surprisingly, most women are not aware they are wearing the wrong bra. Even though ‘women wearing the wrong bra size’ is more or less a cliché these days, it is still a problem, and can result in numerous medical; even psychological issues for that matter.

Of course, you would have come across women that are not wearing the right fit. But are you confident about yourself in this regard? Are you wearing the right fit? Let’s find out.

Common Telltales of an Incorrect Bra Size

  • Are you comfortable in your bra?
  • Does your bra move out of place on your back?
  • Do your breasts spill over your cups?

If your answer for any of the questions above is yes, you are not wearing the right bra. According to Wikipedia, a staggering 80-85% of women are not wearing a bra that fits them well. Not the most credible source of information for many, but it is a fact that cannot be denied. It is possible that you very well maybe a part of this statistic, unaware of the horrors that will haunt you later on.

A Quick Overview of the Drawbacks of an Ill-Fitting Bra

Wearing an ill-fitting bra will eventually make your breasts look saggy. They will flow left, right and center; making you look shapeless.

Despite the controversy surrounding female breasts, they play an integral part of a woman’s beauty. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to invest the proper time and money to get the right bra size. Doing so will ensure you look amazing, all the while being comfortable and confident at the same time.

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Bra That Fits Wonderfully

1. It Will Make You Shine

a good bra will enhance and flatter your overall appearance

Apart from supporting your breasts, a good bra will enhance and flatter your overall appearance. It will highlight your sex appeal, which definitely is a plus.

If you think about it, a bra is a fashion accessory that is needed to highlight the sexiest part of a woman’s body. Your clothes may cover it, but the bra still manages to make your overall attire look splendid while emphasizing what you were born with.

If your bra is ill-fitting, it will not make you look good. In fact, it will make you shapeless, and even affect you on a psychological level; so much so you may stop seeing yourself as attractive, thus losing your confidence in the process.

2. Enhances Cleavage

right bra will make you look spectacular

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact that the right bra will make you look spectacular. What a lot of women do not seem to realize, or miss out on, is that the right sized bra will enhance your cleavage. If given the proper support, the space between your breasts will seem as though they are sculpted to perfection.

Wearing a large bra will cover your entire breasts, preventing you from flaunting what you have been gifted with. And, if you wear a smaller bra, it will end up squeezing your breasts, in turn closing your cleavage.

So if you want to be a head-turner in your low neck gown, you need the right bra to get the perfect cleavage.

3. Fixes Saggy Breasts

fixes saggy breasts

Contrary to popular belief, breast sagging is not entirely caused by breastfeeding or aging.

If you are wearing an excessively tight bra, it puts pressure on your mounds, slackening their muscles. In case it is a large bra which will cause your breasts to become loose. The idea here is to find a bra that supports your breasts without putting undue pressure on them. Simply put, continuous weight or pressure on your breasts will cause sagging. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?

4. Serves Athletes and Sports Lovers Well

Wearing the right sports bra

In the case of athletes and sports lovers, it is necessary for such women to wear a sports bra instead of the everyday bra. Failing to do so will make your workouts a lot tougher than they already are. If left unchecked, it will even end up becoming painful in the long run.

If your sports bra is too large or loose, then your breasts will move about in every direction imaginable. This can be embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable during your workout.

By wearing the right sports bra, you can prevent your breasts from bouncing. It will also minimize the strain on your breasts, meaning you will be able to concentrate on your exercise fully without having to worry about your boobs splashing out of their cups.

We all love working up a good sweat, and an excellent work-out bra will indeed make you and your work out gear look and feel good.

5. To Prevent Irritation

to prevent irritation

Another reason why it is imperative for you to wear the right bra is the fact that it will prevent chafing and irritation. This is true in cases where a tight bra is worn. Said type of bra will tighten your rib cage, and even press the breasts against your chest.

By wearing an ill-fitted wired bra, your skin will become red and sore due to the underwire. Your skin can also end up breaking down, with physical activities further worsening the condition of your skin.

6. Avoid Constriction of the Lymphatic System

Reasons why the right bra is essential

One of the most important reasons why the right bra is essential is because it prevents constriction of the lymphatic system.

85% of lymph fluid flowing from your breasts drains at the armpit lymph nodes, with a higher percentage of the remaining fluid draining at nodes around the breastbone.

By wearing a tight bra, you negatively affect the lymphatic system and the fluid that flows through the system. Since the flow is changed, so is the disposal of toxins and waste, thus affecting the compressed tissues as well.

As a woman, you will need to be careful with the type of bra you wear. By finding a bra that fits you well, you are guaranteed to look fabulous. You will feel good about yourself and will find it easier to interact with people and deal with problems on a daily basis. However, if you are not sure about what is the right bra for you, get yourself measured by someone you are most comfortable with.

Once you know your measurements, here are a few simple steps to get the correct fit with ease:

  • Cup– Your breasts need to be fully enclosed within the cups. There can be no gaping or bulging at the top of the bra. If the material of the cup is crumpling, it is primarily because the cup size is way too big.
  • Front – Instead of gaping away at your chest, the front needs to sit flat,i.e.,on your body. If the front is moving upwards, you will need to get a bra with a bigger cup size.
  • Underwire – The underwire should not rest on breast tissue; it needs to run across the natural crease of your breasts. If the underwire rests far below the rib cage, it is because the band is too small.
  • Straps – The shoulder straps on the bra need to be adjusted to provide breast support without digging into your skin. The primary support for your breasts should not come from a tight shoulder strap, but instead from a firm band.
  • Band – The band needs to sit comfortably and firmly across your chest. It should stick in one place and not move when you are physically active. At the same time, the band can’t be too tight or uncomfortable since it can affect your breathing and irritate your skin.

Now that you know why it is crucial for you to wear the right fit when it comes to bras, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of what you have learned to enhance your overall appearance, prevent medical problems and ensure your breasts remain as healthy as they possibly can. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a bra that fits well today!

Author Bio: Christine Rudolph is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger. Currently, she is associated with a Florida based online boutique ‘Sophie and Trey. Follow @RudolphBlogger to stay updated with latest fashion trends and standards.