Online dating apps for fitness enthusiasts

Yes, there are dating apps out there where you’ll only find fit people to date. In fact, there are a handful of them. If dating someone with a muscular athletic body or a lean frame is important to you, these are probably the best dating apps to use.

If you’re fit and healthy, it makes sense that you would also want a partner who takes care of their body. And that’s not only because fit bodies are sexy bodies!

It’s also helpful when you have a partner who shares your hobbies and dietary preferences. Maybe you want a partner who is also your workout buddy!

Either way, here are the best dating apps for finding a fitness-focused partner. These are pretty relationship focused apps, if you’re looking for something more casual try Beyond Ages’s list of the best hookup apps in 2021 for the apps that are more about having a good time than long-term.


Datefit is an IOS-only app that aims to match fitness lovers with romantic partners and friends in their local area. The app encourages you to regularly upload photos, perhaps of your exploits at the gym or playing sports. Other Datefit members will be able to add “likes” to these photos and send you direct chat requests if they want to connect.

The app will also recommend up to 50 potential matches per day based on your personal preferences. If you tell the Datefit algorithm you’re into bodybuilders, a lot more of them will be recommended to you. If you prefer partners with lean bodies, Datefit will prioritize these when delivering your potential matches. The app will also ask if you’re looking for lovers or friends when you first log in and suggest potential matches accordingly. You can toggle between the two whenever you want.

The app is completely free to use, although you can choose to upgrade to a Premium account if you want to take advantage of extra features, such as unlimited matches, profile boosts and the ability to see who liked your photos.

An Android version of the app is supposedly in the works.

Fitness Singles

Dating for fitness singles

Fitness Singles is reportedly the most populated online dating website dedicated to fitness-minded singles. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, it works perfectly well on smartphones and tablets. This site makes it clear that it’s for fitness lovers only, although technically anyone can create a profile for free.

When you do create a profile, you’ll spot various spaces to explain your passion for fitness in more detail. This includes the ability to check off what sports and activities you enjoy from a list of 100+ options.

The search function allows members to filter for singles who enjoy a particular activity, so if you’re interested in finding a partner who’s passionate about yoga (for example), they should be easy enough to find. There are no limits on the number of messages you can send. You’ll see when members are currently online, so it may be possible to start an impromptu chat.

Fitness Singles has members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


Happn is a mainstream dating app available on iOS and Android. While it’s not marketed exclusively to fitness lovers, we still felt that it was reasonable to include it in this list. That’s because Happn only recommends your profile to those who “cross paths” with you and vice versa. So, you’re only going to be recommended to potential partners who like to be out and about.

Let’s say you spot someone you really like the look of at the gym, but you don’t want to stop your workout nor interrupt theirs. Then, they leave before you get to introduce yourself… Well, if you both have Happn, the opportunity to connect isn’t completely lost. To chat with one of your recommendations on Happn, you’ll have to both swipe to “like” each other after crossing paths.

If you work at a gym or some other sporty venue, it’s going to be easy to match with fitness-minded singles on Happn. That’s helpful as it’s pretty unprofessional to be hitting on people while you’re working. The people you’re least likely to match with are the “couch potatoes” of this world. If you’re a couch potato yourself, Happn probably isn’t the most suitable dating app for you.

There are millions of Happn users across the globe. It’s free to use, but there is also a paid premium edition of the app, which gives you extra features. These include: being able to see who “likes” you and being able to send a “Hello!” to people who haven’t “liked” you yet.

Dating site for fitness enthusiasts


Couchsurfing is primarily a website for tourists who want to save money by sleeping on a stranger’s couch for free, and the homeowners willing to host them. However, its mobile app also includes a feature called “Hangouts” where members of the Couchsurfing community can arrange to meet each other in a public place.

To get started with the “Hangouts” feature, you’ll press a button to publicly make yourself available to hang out. You’ll then write the activity you’d like to do. After you’ve done that, you’ll see a list of other Couchsurfers in your area who are available to hang out, plus their suggested activities.

You can send a message request to any of these people, and they can do the same to you. Maybe you can connect with someone who wants to go hiking, cycling or whatever else you’re into…

This isn’t officially a dating app – and there’s no guarantee you’ll connect with someone who is single. However, we imagine the majority of coupled-up Couchsurfers already have someone special to hang out with. So, there’s no reason why romance can’t blossom with someone you meet on this app.


PlayOff is a dating app marketed exclusively to professional athletes. Many athletes struggle to find time when they’re not training to meet someone, so this app is here to help them. It’s reasonable to expect a lack of potential options on this app. After all, even in major cities, there are only so many athletes to go around. Still, if you’re determined to date a fellow athlete, why not create a profile and see who’s out there?


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