Can You Date Someone If You Hate Their Style

It can happen to everyone, but mostly those who arrange dates on the Internet. Imagine exchanging a lot of messages with the guy for a few weeks. It was very nice to talk via Tinder, and you both can’t wait to meet finally. You make an appointment at a great restaurant, you come early, everything is as it should be, and even one of your favorite songs is playing from the speakers…

He then enters the restaurant, wearing a camo vest as if he had just returned from a hunting trip. You give him a chance, and you don’t run away because he didn’t notice you yet. He sits down, and you just can’t help but ask about this vest. He explains that he loves the hunting style because he is a huge fan of the forest. A red warning light flashes in your head – this man wears that every day!

What to do in that case? Is a wonderful personality enough to continue seeing each other? Or is the style so inseparable from one’s being that you can’t turn a blind eye to it? Read the article and find out what solutions you have at your fingertips.

Is Style Important?

Well, sometimes it is. It’s what, among other things, makes people look sexy and what tells us to make a move. Of course, it’s different when you make a move online. Then you have no opportunity to check whether your new friend has something stylish to offer to your eyes thirsty for aesthetics.

All that’s left for you to do is go on a real-life date and check it out. However, there are situations in which you think that you would prefer to have your silicone doll from then meeting women in clubs or bars. Well, undress too, all without awkward silences and skipping the entire date thing whatsoever.

The Psychology of Clothing

There are many dependencies between the outfit and the personality. We use clothes to strengthen our good features, communicate to the world who we are and what our humor is, but we can also hide behind our clothes. If large sweatshirts and pull-outs dominate the wardrobe, it may mean that their owner withdraws from life and suppresses some parts of their personality.

What we put on ourselves is a “persona,” that is, that part of ourselves we want to show the world. At the same time, if the world sees us like that, it will eventually confirm the specific features we wanted to show. It is a Jungian model of perceiving style and combining it with character traits. But what if someone pays little attention to what they are taking out from the wardrobe?

Style or Personality?

It is said that it is superficial to judge someone by their appearance, but we can tell a lot about someone from their looks. Maybe sometimes it is misguided, but the way someone dresses is a part of their personal narrative. Clothes can manifest our identity and desires in the most visible way. So, if someone is wearing worn jeans and a dirty sweatshirt that you hate, does it mean they are less noteworthy? Are you willing to consider them in terms of your future partner?

It may happen that on a date you meet a person who has so many passions and is so busy with them that they don’t have time to think about how to dress and don’t pay attention to it at all. Maybe it is worth immersing yourself in a conversation first and try to talk about style later?

See the Bigger Picture

Sometimes a different style and wearing outfits that no one would ever wear is what makes someone unique. A personal style, developed over the years, although not at all “trendy” and maybe even controversial – when it is completely personal, tells you a lot about a rich imagination and strong character of the other person.

Such features can be very appealing. Sometimes you just need to get used to unusual outfits and break the stereotype that everyone has to follow fashion blindly. After all, a unique style is something extraordinary. Why not look at it this way?


It’s good to appreciate someone else’s style – the way we dress is part of our personality. However, not as important as having a sense of humor, being caring, being a good listener, friend, and intelligent interlocutor. There are qualities that we must value in someone more than what they wear.

If you’ve met a funny, interesting person, it is someone you can talk to forever, but you don’t like their style, you can tell them about it, but not necessarily try to change it. After all, not everyone has a sense of aesthetics, and perhaps someone would need honest and kind advice about their outfit. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry and focus on their personality traits. After all, a person’s character changes much less frequently than one’s style!